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I spoke to a GM ingame about it, but I wonder whether it is just an abnormality on my account or whether other players experience it too.

At the moment I do run around a lot doing missions and I frequently run into aggros "by accident".

So far I activated the invu aura about 12 times and it never worked.
In the sys info it just states that it has been activated, but no other message to indicate that something went wrong.
My other auras seem to work normally as far as I can see.
Don't get me wrong I do not mind DPs atm, but at some stage I may get annoyed (a lot).

Anyone else with the same problems?

Question 2:
Any ideas?

Edit: Sorry forgot to mention it: The GM couldn't figure out whats wrong.

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Sorry, no idea. I invoked invu today with a pat on my butt, and it worked perfectly.

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Due to latency between your client and the server, is it possible that you activate it, it shows up in your Sys.Info window, but then you still get hit and die? This particular situation should be considered "Normal", even if isn't good =)

Try testing it with something that can't kill you in a couple of hits (Yubos are good). Get something to attack you, activate Invuln, and see if it ever kicks in. You should see messages in Sys.Info saying that "Whatever hits you but it has no effect" or something like that. If after 5-10 seconds it STILL hasn't taken effect, that's definitely unusual.

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Do you mean invulnerability power (that is unique) or melee protection aura (that is known to be partially buggy like all auras since latest patch)?

if its the invulnerability power, did you try using an invulnerability egg?


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Hi folks. This forum is for web app related things only. Please post this in your shard's support forum.


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