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Help pervent D/C. some kind of program that can check and fix connection to the game.
when i get the connection pop up. it sometimes never reconnects to the game and i have to task manager to end task. sofar this is the only game i play that gets these connection problems. there random and later in game i bet they be a bad thing for partys,

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I've been playing for years, and the only times I've ever had connectivity problems was during the very rare occasions when there was a server crash or other catastrophic event that caused mass disconnects (maybe once a year on average).

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well, my provider closes the connection at least twice a day, morning and evening, always at different times.
Therefore I would support the idea greatly.

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Same here, my wireless internet provider shut down the connection at least once a day, and i randomly get DC's on my cable connection from time to time.

Asking for a connection fixing program is maybe a bit too much, but would be nice if game client at least autoreload on DC, returning you back to login screen instead of freezing with PW icon in the center.

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This is the same situation as happened not too long ago, when Arispotle need a kick in the pants to start accepting connections again. You just sat there with a black (well, heavily darkened) screen, and the client didn't let you know, "Hey I can't connect. Want to try again, pick a new character, or close the game?"

A more graceful way to fail on connection problems after a sufficient length of time would be most welcomed.
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