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it would be cool to see some cloaks*not hooded mostly* and guild emblem cloaks also. i think it would be a good idea and would love to see it in the game. made it look awsome in DAOC when i play for years and years.

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Did you put this twice or am I imagining things...
Cloaks might be nice.
Would like to see more/different armors around.


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i post it two times lol. the first one was in the wrong spot. so i did it here. sorry about that.

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It would definitely be a nice option, though preferably cosmetic-only offering no stat bonuses or protections -- it's a flap of cloth, what can it really do, y'know?

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i agree just for looks and guild emblems. but just looks thou nothing else. i wonder if they look in this fourm i see so many great ideas.

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Personally, I would rather not see cloaks in the game. =)

I like that Atys looks and feels different from a generic medieval setting. Cloaks might feel a bit misplaced to me. Guild emblems on shields or something else would be nice though. Just my opinion.


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-1 (What Riku said)


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set cloaking device to stun :o)

ninja pvp non radar zap maybe out post battles should have no one on radar..

woot off topic

rather have med armour helms, but cloaks might be light armour. what could ye get for med heavy?
maybe a stave and a cloak :DDDD matador!

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good points both for and against cloaks :)

Personally, I'd rather see fashionable hats. Fit them into the la and ma trees, give us 2 more crafts to grind from 100 to master and spend a few dozen sp on :)

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Cloaks, hats.. a whole new Clothing sub-tree.

It's a suitable time to shamelessly plug my Clothes crafting idea (apologies in advance):


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