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Lili ya missed Dacty and Yinie me thinks :))

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It has been a long time since we lazy people posted here! We are alive and having more fun than ever!

Our active high officers as of today:

Auriela, Nitrouss, Hephestus, Morbak, Phyloky, Zulo, Geor, Fenomeno, Jorgenden, Maestitia, Norris, Yakapo, Tarbu, Tarka, Thanatur,

Some slightly less active, but is around:

Naema, Liquiddy, Draiggoch, Gisli, Echtelion, Sixthdawn, Tsologi, Xtarsia.

Feel free to contact us for hunts, treks, gears, or just to chat :D

We are fun and chill people, just to make some trouble together once a while. Feel free to join us and add more pain in the butt to Atys. :D


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By Graiggoch you means Draiggoch?
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