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Faction: KARAVAN

Civilization:MATIS, NEUTRALS

Current Leader and High Officers:Chizeta, Stun, Cemmy and Ixolite.

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Welcome back all :)


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Ty very much Subo, its very nice to be back. There are some more friends who plans to come back with us.We also have so many new members.Great , fun group of people.

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Wb Stun et al-Kil


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ty hi Everyone time to get back karavan ops from kamis :)

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Hmmm is that directed at me?

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Figured I'd drop a line in and say hey to everyone... so here ya go a ___________ and HEY!!!

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Change of Leadership: From Chizeta to Alexist
Current High officers:Bennassi, chizeta, Ishika and ixolite

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PVP Event

Hello. All Fireflies are welcome to join including ex-Fireflies.
It will be on September 17th 20:00 GMT at the Matis Arena. If
you have decided a team, please write like this:


Leader- ?????


Btw, your team must be even with lvl 50. For example, if you are
a lvl 250, you are alone. If your team is filled with lvl 50, your team
is allowed in this event. The maximum number of people in a team
is 6 people. Remember, all Fireflies including ex-Fireflies are welcome to join!!!


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Hello Flies, please have your guildies not ask for TI guildinvites. Ty. Best of luck. ~ Lil.


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Hmmm, i know this post was 5 months ago, but still, Don't flatter yourself Lili. <-FAIL!
Non-the-less, an update. Chizeta, Stun, and Alexist have left the game. Also, other HO have left to go to other guilds too, Hence, Naema is in control of this guild now with her alt, Nemano, and basically it is an inactive guild, used for storage now, however...we may Kick all inactive members and rebuild/recruit soon, with a few suprises. Will keep you informed, At any rate, any who come online, please send Nemano or Naema an email/tell saying when you were on, and i will discuss with you the direction this guild is going.
Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon
-Love you all,

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Leader is Chizeta
High officers are Aenigma,LAmda,stun,Paradox,naema and saraii
Faction is now a kind of kami (pm chizeta for more info)

And we are recruiting. only 2 ppl for now...We cant feed more!

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"kind of kami..." lol



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Syndicate's Page (Shuriiken here)
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NB: Void respawn is where you can find the PVP, also willing to give lessons :)

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We are a Kami/neutral guild.

Still looking for a few more members. We have folks active all day and night.

If you are an active player and like to dig,craft,kill stuffs, do boss/named hunts or OP battles give one our officers a tell for more info or any questions you may have.



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When you meet a Kitin Patrols, "The first and greatest commandment is, Don't let them scare you." (Elmer Davis)

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