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I think it would be nice to add some decor items to the Jackpot wheels. Many homins play the wheel, but many also just tries and never touches it again mainly because most stuff that we win can be obtained by other means as well

Flowers - Guild OPs generate flowers and all guilds are willing to get rid of them, also the flowers from OPs are way better than those from the Jackpot.

Cats - Also come from Guild OPs, and it's rather easy to get. If not one can do faction missions and buy them from the Faction Vendors. That way the player can be sure of the reward.

Tokens - We all know where to get those....

Fireworks - Rare to get from jackpot as well, but you can buy them at the Fairhaven Faire. Or given by CSRs and Event Team on Special Occasions as Atysmass and Ryzom's Birth Day.

The rest of the items are rare, but i think we could add some more stuff to the rare items list. Maybe also add some Potions to the common items.

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