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Since I play solo a lot I've got a lot of downtime due to not being able to heal myself between mobs (except for self heal every so many minutes). This means that the only way to get back to fighting/levelling means sittings down for a few minutes to regenerate. This is really putting me off. Now I've learned all the wisdom, metabolism etc which are available for my level but it doesnt help much against this problem solo players are having.

So I propose to add food and drinks to the game which can be consumed out of combat that regenerate your HP and sap/stamina/focus more quickly. So instead of wasting time sitting a lot and staring at the HP bar, solo players can spend more time doing fun stuff like kicking mobs asses.

What are your thoughts about this problem for solo players?

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This was a decision from the dev team to make ppl team up more adding 'potions' would kill the teaming part of the game (and i'm one that solo's 90% of the time)

Also there are lready some things they implemented trough the occupations latly to self heal but it means working for it

But I'm against just buying pots to self heal would really be bad for the teaming part of ryzom


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@ Budin
Just find someone who is a medic and trade with him to get medic kits.
Or start the medic occupation if you're not afraid of kitin's lair...

More info here :


Kaléan McFerty
Pirate of the Lakes

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To complement what Sub was saying, the overall design of the game seems to center around group play, much more so than any other game I've ever seen. And they got it right. There are very few things that can't be done better in a group.

You CAN play solo, and do quite well, but just understand that the game is not centered around, nor really catering to, the solo player.

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in fact there are skills that can't be levelled solo at all, like healing and afflictions (in theory afflictions could be levelled with another skill to actually kill the target, but that's not practical at higher levels).

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Just for the note - occupations stuff doesn't help to level solo, as the max amount of healing items you can produce in a day is 24 (and you need to get the 100% recipe for that), but for decent solo levelling literally hundreds and thousands of them are needed. Best you can do is create an alt on free account, quickly level him up to 125 healing, run two clients at once and use him to level up your main toon.

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You can solo quite easily up to lvl 225 if you get the right stuff and hunt the right mob.
I did it without occupation products nor healing alt.


Kaléan McFerty
Pirate of the Lakes

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I did my 2h axe solo to 250 without cats or teaming once (didn't use occ stuff either), it's slower but you get there in the end


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