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When you have a conversation window open with someone, and that person logs out, the window closes automatically.

Instead of the window closing, could a message be sent to the window to announce that the conversational partner is now offline? If the message window is open while someone is offline, please also send a message stating the player is now online? The logout message is likely trivial to implement; the login message perhaps less so.

That way, if you had stepped away from the computer for a moment, you can read the final message the person sent you before disconnecting, without having to manually re-open a conversation window for someone who isn't online anymore. (This may not always be the first thing on someone's mind if they see the conversation window missing)

This would also be a much smoother process for times when the other person needs to restart to fix a game glitch or for whatever reason.

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If a person sends you a tell while you're afk, then logs off before you come back, you never even realise they sent you a tell.

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happend to me just today person pm'ed me to ask something then crached and logged back in, i was afk the whole time. then when i came back she was mad i didn't answer her pm she send me but i never saw it because of her crash


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+1 Should also be able to tell from the window whether the person is online/offline/afk. =)


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Good idea, keeping the window open after logout.

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I agreee ! It has happened to me so many times...


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I've since observed a difference between Whisper windows:

If the other person is not on your Friends List, the window does not close when the person logs out. Of course, you also don't receive a notification.

If the person IS on your Friends List, that is when the window closes at logout.

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