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As far as I am aware are those unused out posts kept aside to be activated if Atys is higher populated, which sadly I can't see ever happening.

So why not using it differently? Here is the idea:

There are lots of unused OPs out there and each should have a neutral NPC or shrine in the middle of it.
There any Homin can dispose of materials and by doing so it attracts a tribe based in that region and in line with the Homins faction. Over the time and continuing dropping of material there the tribe is building a second camp there. The more the homin is providing material the more tribe members turn up, even an trader may join in.
This new camp is providing security for the homin and gives the guild providing the materials the opportunity to have access to their guild hall.
Of course the material provider has to maintain the camp by supplying materials on a regular basis, otherwise the tribe may leave.

The reason is that especially in dangerous regions, such as roots, homins have the opportunity to create a safe place, which is guarded by the tribe. Nevertheless in other regions this could prove advantage by building a camp next to a sought after OP the guild, may have better chances in attacking that OP.

I hope I outlined it properly, otherwise do ask or contribute.

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