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Has the hosting location of the Ryzom servers changed or have bandwidth agreements changed recently? Things seem the most different since around the time of the latest patch.

It was always a little laggy during early East Coast USA evening, when both US and Euro players were awake (ping average 300-400), but gradually became better as the Euro population went to bed (ping rarely above 200). But throughout the whole time, it was tolerable and the game was playable.

But now, it's absolutely horrible during early East Coast USA evenings, with pings often above 1000, and rarely below 400. It still gets a lot better in the evening after European bedtime. Now, during the latency spikes, the game is unplayable.

Have hosting agreements changed which lowered a bandwidth ceiling during prime time Euro hours? Am I the only one experiencing these problems, which seem specific to Ryzom?

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I've noted similar for a few months now. Worst time for me has been about 0GMT to 2GMT where it would often reach a point of unplayable. I ran Pingplotter a number of times during really bad lag and it seems there is a french server in the chain that really lags and suffers severe packet loss.

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no problems here, so it is probably something downstream to you from the servers where packages to Amsterdam (I've a near direct line to the AmsIX) don't pass through.
Doesn't have to be any relocation, just a system somewhere in the chain that's developed problems recently.

Maybe if you send that log to support they'll be able to work with the network provider to figure out who's responsible and get them to fix it, Kalyndra.
Worked in the past for me with other troubled connections and providers.
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