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(sorry if these have already been posted)

I'd like to see re-size-able action bar, character bar (the one at the top left with hp and stuff, radar, and target bar, menu bar

The menu bar has where you can kinda change it's size and orientation (horizontal/vertical) I'd like that with the action bar as mine's tiny and my vision isn't the greatest strains my eye's. I'd prefer it be vertical so I can put it on the right side of the screen as well. Wouldn't be to hard to implement I'd think.

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It annoys me to no end that the action bar has a slightly different height than menu bar, thus I can't put them in a horizontal row without cringing every time I see it. *wink*

As a bonus, it'd be nice if the menu bar could change its shape and position accordingly when switching between desktops.

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Yes. +100.000
In German forum sb. put this up in the Support Section (to no real avail so far), because the moles among us (me being mole #1) do have a hard time seeing/distinguishing these miniteensyweensypunytiny (run out of english winzi-words) icons. Really.

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i would appreciate this too. having a "big" monitor with high resolution makes the action-bars and stuff very tiny and it gets hard to identify the icons.

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I'd say +2 if you said the compass needs to be resizable (=

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Action bar would be a lot of work. Icons are images and to recode everything to scalable type of graphics ... /o\ Same goes for menu bar. Allowing action bar to be vertical shouldn't be more than an hours work, secondary bar already is. Your character's bars are images too but that could be redone into 2D drawing fairly easy I think. Radar at first looks trivial but the problem comes from scaling mob dots. You can't draw a 2.5 pixels dot so you'd need anti-aliasing and that gets bit complicated specially when dots overlap. Easiest would be team list which is also the one that annoys me most.
One "fix" for action bar would allowing us to select the icon manually for better differentiation as well as having an option to make it look like default menu bar (icon + text) with scalable font.
For instance

all done using existing icons with addition of selectable icon backgrounds, which also already exist and more could be added easily. Such bar could be horizontally resizeable to allow longer text/bigger font. It could also use alternative sorting (#, shift-#, etc) or even had # and shift-# columns side by side. In first two cases you'd end up with about 110x520 pixels. As this is your main "tool" I don't see half the height of average screen as a problem. Side-by-side version would do fine on wide screens too.
Configuration can be stored locally so server-side nothing needs to be changed.

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there is already a feature at dev.ryzom.com: http://dev.ryzom.com/issues/1335

i dont know how it is planned to be done.

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I also want to +1 here. Those bars so very small and kill my eyes. What about combining them? Have the action bar and then along the bottom of it have the elements of the menu bar. then make the bar scalable.


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Since I don't use the menu bar more than once or twice a session, I would not like to see it attached to the "hands bar"/"action bar". As Sywindt has noted, this is an old desire, not a new one, but there are difficulties in actually programming the scalability as noted by some other posters. Icons are not easy to scale.

I'd love to see it happen, but I suspect the time to delivery will be about the same as locking inventory items. That's finally been done, but it took at least three years.

(And a part of the problem is that screen size (in terms of resolution) went off the map much faster than might have been expected in 2004.)


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