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In the ever-present target window, please display the buffs and debuffs the target has. It's none of our business what cooldowns are affecting the target, so please don't include those. If there are npc-only buffs or debuffs, we shouldn't need to see those either.

Related, when displaying buffs and debuffs on target and on self, and cooldowns on self, please include some sort of timer to let us see when they are about to expire.

#2 [en] 

don't think that's such a good idea i've more then once drawn fire during an op with inv on if ppl would see it it would mean they wouldn't att me so the tacktikal advantage is then gone


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#3 [en] 

agreed. It's already possible to see the effects on hitting, certainly if you have system info open :)

#4 [en] 

I was originally thinking about this in terms of PvE to avoid duplication of effort, but the PvP comments are valid, even if it's a bit of a cheap way to distract an opponent =)

The most compelling reason for not displaying them is that we have no means of dispelling or purging the effects from ourselves or others, and adding such abilities would not fit the playstyle of this game very well. In the current situation, it doesn't really matter (in PvP) beyond the protection auras. In a large battle of the scale we used to see, there was enough damage of all kinds flying around that only Invuln would have made a difference, and that prevented you from participating anyway except as a distraction =)

So yeah, this probably wouldn't be overly beneficial to the current game.
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