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It would be very nice if we could buy upgrades and consumables that increase the speed of the mount on land, in water or both. Mounts, like players should also be able to jump enough to clear small obsticles. As mentioned in another post, there should be water-specific mounts; perhaps a ski-doo.

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Jumping currently will not be possible unless they change the game engine, there is no 3rd dimension. It is one flat plane on another at the moment.

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Thanks for the info, I didn't know that... :) too bad though

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The Z axis is somehwt odd in Ryzom as you can be in a cave and have a teamate 60m over ya head ..... but yet if a Vorax throws a fear spell at it, it's likely to hit you too. However, I would not want to see "jumping" added to the game. If I have to give up jumping over small objects in exchange for not having a bunch of toons pogosticking in front of me, I'll take it. Pogosticking is the reason I never played most MMO's past the 1st visit.


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and wdyt about just climbing (not jumping) small obstacles?


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