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Everyone I know that uses these only use Aim Head for the stun on crit. To me, that's two issues. Firstly, all the others aren't seen as anywhere near as useful as that one, and secondly, with weapons that swing slower/hit fewer people, not much benefit as fewer chances for a stun.

Why not break the reliance on crit completely? Why not have the stanzas themselves apply debuffs on their own? Sticking with Aim Head, its use causes stun, but with a shorter duration than that caused from a crit. And, to keep balance, there's a cooldown timer on them, with the timer increasing with the severity of the debuff (Aim Head having highest cost, and maybe Aim Feet having lowest cooldown), as well as possibly only being used in an opening because they are such specialised attacks.

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Take some time and read my thread with suggestions about critical hit improvements. It has an idea also involving use of Aim stanzas.

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should make em more gun orientated and up the damage if ye get a good shot...

hey man nice shot :o)

or they should just turn on the gun damage stat.... eeep :o)


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