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I suggest the way to balance out light and heavy weapons with just one addition - Critical Hit stanza, available exclusively for light weapons, such as one-handed melee weapons, rifles and pistols.

Critical hit these days is a rare random occasion, almost useless and doesn't affecting encounters in any substantial way. New Critical Hit stanza would have 6 grades, each grade add +5% to chance of performing CH (30% in summary). So it would be 45% for a character with tekorn weapon (correct me if i'm wrong). Now we would have a well balanced two-sided scheme for weapons. Heavy weapon setup would use HA, max damage and parry, light weapon setup would use LA or MA, critical hits and dodge. Aim stanzas combined with CH stanza would become really useful (all of them) bringing along some various tactics. Pistols and rifles could be really dangerous instead of being stupid fun toys. HA+2H axe won't be a trivial choice for melee anymore Light armed fighters would be successfully competing heavy fighters and ele mages.

#2 [en] 

do it do it, make it for staves and give em mega parry ninja sticks :o)


mayhem - where no one is an island

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I like the idea and the scheme about 2h vs 1h.
Anyway actual crit stanzas make tekorn weapons more valuable, given their 5% crit chance. The actual increased chance already gives you a lot of crits, don't you think 45% would be too much and almost make a tekorn weapon crit almost every hit?
I would prefer a stanza that will give me a 100% crit success on next attack, if it don't miss/dodged/parried. That would give me control on the use of the AIM actions that, by their nature u have to balance differently, and generally they are weak if there is not a crit and they don't proc. Something similar to feint (that give me a 100% way to use a next cheaper attack, instead of waiting for a dodge/parry).
This stanza could still be available to 1h only, so to save your scheme.
This is speaking of melee weapons. Instead, speaking of 1h ranged weps, i agree with your idea.

By the way, despite most 2h meleers choose axe, in my opinion a 2h sword with max parry is much better than 2h axe.


Silvae Custodes

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I've done the actual math and concluded the difference between 1h and 2h weapons in damage over time isn't all that large.
Combined with the lower hp/stam use of 1h weapons that means there's no real difference between them, just different play styles.

IOW there's no need to "rebalance" them at all, as is to be expected after 7 years, as they're already well balanced.

Crits of course can work well, and that's where 1h weapons have a bonus over 2h in their higher speed (especially tekorn weapons). While you can't (as in games) keep your target stunned for hours by just bashing away at it, it can make a difference.

What should possibly be addressed is the effect of stamina draining crits on non-player targets. It often seems those do nothing at all (iow, non-player targets don't require stamina or sap to do combat).

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I have used a tekorn sword. Didn't see any notable increase in critical hits at all. Basically it was a sword with regular stats and different look. 45% chance of success is enough in my opinion. To be really effective a light weapon user must wear MA or LA, as wearing HA burns out too much stamina due to its malus. Therefore his amount of HP and armor resists gonna be pretty average or even low. Improved attack abilities would be balanced out by low defenses. Performing a lot of critical hits doesn't save him from being killed with 2-3 nukes or axe swings. As well as nuking for 3k damage doesn't save mages from being squashy targets.

#6 [en] 

As for abstract maths, those are great no doubt. Too bad, in reality of game much more factors come in play. If you are using light weapon but have no healer with you, most likely you will die before you manage to do any significant damage to opponent of equal level. Or you will run out of stamina, which either lead you to dieing again or forcing you to flee. Simply because an opponent will deal more damage per hit and definitely not going to stay still another minute or two waiting until you poke him to death with your toy stick.
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