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You all know me (well, some of you). I'm an easy-going homin, travel around harvesting, pruning excessive vegetation and generally minding my own business. But today I went up to Hidden Source, in Matis lands, to see what bounty that parched segment of the forest might offer.

Arriving, by the grace of Jena, at Her altar near the Gate between the desert lands of the Fyros and the productive lands of the Matis Nobles, I was surprised to see a large force of Imperial Troops marching around the area just byond the gate. They even had some apparently tamed Kirosta with them!

Now I know of the current tensions between the Matis Nobles and the Akenak (and I am very sorry to hear that Dexton is ill), but I have no political affiliation in the Forest, so I endeavored to pass through the milling horde to get to a source of raw materials that I sensed not 120 meters away. Imagine my surprise and horror as I was fallen upon by these Imperial Troops and dispatched forthwith.

Jena, in Her mercy, resurrected me far from those aggressive troops, and bestowed upon me her kiss that I might heal more rapidly from the rigors of being reincarnated.

I call upon the Akenak to repudiate the actions of their troops and to discipline the commander who was responsible for this unprovoked attack upon a simple Tryker citizen!


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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I do know you Bitttymacod and I can attest that you are indeed a Homin of good standing. However, you are also a hypocrite.

Like many Homins you claim you are peaceful and that your faction affiliations are mealy a matter of convenience rather than true political leanings. Yet what task did you do to be accepted into Jena's graces? For those few that are unaware let me tell you. You committed cold blooded murder on a Kami Adept. This is the same price paid by Kami who in turn murder Kara adepts. Did this adept attack you in any way? Did he even say something offensive to you? When you attacked him did he even draw a weapon to defend himself or cast some spell? The simple answer is no, yet you still killed him.

To my understanding the Fyros army is under orders to slay Matis and their affiliates. The Karavan are their affiliates, this is a well known fact. Your name is on their list no matter how much you claim innocence.

I went to speak with these Fyros myself. I must admit that as they are bound by their current duty they couldn't say much specifically on the matter but they were more than happy to allow me passage. Not a one of them so much as raised a sword to threaten me.

It seems to me that the false way in which certain people claim neutrality is finally starting to show it's true value :).

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Kalyndra, I am no hypocrite. I did what I was forced to do by the Karavan Acolytes to allow me to approach Jena more closely. As you say, those who follow the demon Ma-Duk do the same as I did. It is a common condition of religious hominity.

Did I kill a Fyros? No.
Have I offered affront to the Emperor or to the Senate or to the Akenak? No. In fact I have aided the Senate on more than one occasion when investigation was necessary.

And yet I am no more an "affiliate" of the Fyros than I am of the Matis. I share a religion with the Matis, but not all Matis are Karavan. Will the Fyros troops then attack everyone who might have once talked to a Matis, or traded with them?

Even you, Kalyndra, have been known to harvest materials in Matis lands and to trade with tribes friendly to the Matis. Are you as innocent of connection to the Matis as you claim? Or are the Fyros troops selectively blind to such dealings as long as a homin has influential friends in the governance of Pyr?

I offered no offense to the troops. I was not attempting to move supplies or armaments into the desert lands. To use my professed religious affiliation to justify an attack on my person is against all the conventions of civilization in the New Lands.

If an apology is not forthcoming, I shall have to take this to the Taliar and the office of the Governor.


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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Oh, I am certainly not 'innocent' of connections with the Matis, what an odd word for you to use, as if aiding others was somehow a sin. I am proud of the aid I have offered the Matis. Nor am I 'innocent' of helping every other race on Atys. That's sort fo what being a Hominist is all about, at least to my understanding.

But to excuse cold blooded murder as the act of an 'easy-going' homin is hypocritical to my view point. 'easy-going' suggests to me a certain religious tolerance yet you proudly proclaim murder as a good thing so long as it's because it is ordered by those you slavishly follow.

I have no problem with faction activity, I do not find the belief in a religion at all offensive. But please, do not hide your actions as just because they are not actions of your choosing. That you suffer the consequence of those actions is no reason to now pretend your religious zealotry is entirely separate from matters of state especially when that same zealotry is at the very core of Matis government.

To turn around now and ask for an apology from the Fyros government because you are a proven killer for the faction at the core of Matis government, well, that's sort of like asking a Gingo to apologise for biting you XD

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I recently heard of your troubles in Hidden Source. I wanted to let you know when I was helping scout the situation for the Matis, it came down to Fyros reputation, not faction. I ran in the troops with no problem but I have positive Fyros reputation. Others with none or negative rep could not safely pass. With the new tension, the reputation threshold may have been lowered as I have not been in that area recently.

Best to avoid both sides of that portal, for the time being, if you want to remain safe.

Safe Travels,


Peace, Luv & Cookies,

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I can attest to Inifuss' conclusion, as the Fyros troop even let me pass though I was a Matis Noble, one you'd expect them to be more wary of than anyone else. But it seems they will only attack those with a negative standing amongst the Fyros. This is indeed a matter of state and not of religion.

In any case, you shouldn't need to worry about those troops much longer. I have it in good confidence that they should very soon be... removed.

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or maybe you have diplomatic immunity as a noble :)

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ouh ouh fancy looking matis vs rumbustious tryker
make it a arena battle :o)

go go


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