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Atysian Explorers are back in business!

The NEW guild is Kami / Fyros aligned.
Guild Leader = Amnesia
Guild High Officer = Deckardcain, Karabree
Guild Officer = Aaylejah

We are recruiting!
You don't have to be Fyros to join us!

Go! See! Explore!

----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

Az Atysian Explorers újra éledt!

Ay ÚJ Guild Kami/Fyros oldalon áll.
Guild Vezér = Amnesia (Magyar nemz.)
Guild Fő Hivatalnok(ok) = Deckardcain, Karabree
Guild Hivatalnok(ok) = Aaylejah

Nem kell Fyrosnak lenned hogy csatlakozz!

Menj! Láss! Fedezz fel!

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Really like the concept. There is so much to explore. I look forward to interacting with this guild.


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Grats, Amnesia, all the best wishes for you and the guild.

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WOOOT AE Back!! =D

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Welcome back guys! :)

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Welcome back, Atysian Explorers and welcome to the Fyros Empire ! :D


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Here are the AE Officials.

Leader : Amnesia
High Officer : Deckardcain
High Officer : Karabree
Officer : Aaylejah

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I started a Fyros and definitely want to serve the Kami. I really like the natural world and would like to help preserve it if at all possible. I will be in contact in game and hopefully I will be a right fit for this guild. My name in game is Geozen.

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I'm thinking of coming across to the ml soon. I'll be heading for Pyr and have Kami in my heart :)

Would be good to meet some kindred spirits and have a beer or two when I'm in town.


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Hope to see you soon Lodestone. I hope to get to Pyr sometime in the next day or so.

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This is my zoraii alt, I'm Custodius. Can I still join ae

My custodius account is already in AE

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updated guild leadership

Guild leader: Deckardcain
High officer: Amnesia
High officer: Karabree
High officer: Tabou
High officer: Babbeo
High officer: Kushon
High officer: Arugula
Officer: Ricxen
Officer: Siand
Officer: Karamel


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Laimaineitor (who speaks only Italian) is looking for a guild. :)

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sorry but the laimanetor multi personality toons are on our ignore list. that's the punishment for all the good players on atys! stop being all so good and polite :)

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