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I am staying at my Dads for a while and his connection sucks. It runs at about 20k download but pauses and dc's a lot. Patching seams almost impossible and keeps failing.
Is there any way to manually download the patch and apply, i think its failing at the moment due to time outs.

if not ill see you all in about a week or two :'(

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No way to manually patch, unfortunately.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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:(( ok.
Ty for the quick reply Sywindt.


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if you are on GNU/Linux you can use rsync to update the client :3

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No im using windows here :(
I have unplugged/checked/reconnected all the cables and the internet is a little more stable now but not any faster.
I finally got the patch so i will hopefully be on a little before i get home.
Hurb out.


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