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Seeing how this will in all likelyhood be my last week, I wanted to say goodbye.

I have made many friends here, and will miss you, but I feel it is my time to leave. Due to recent events, I no longer find the game enjoyable, and so I am choosing to leave before I get a truely sour taste for the game (although I am afraid it may already be to late). To my friends, I am sorry to leave you, but hopefully we will see each other elsewhere. To all others, I hope you get what you want.

I do hope the game does well, and I may return at a later date when some of the dust settles, but for now, be safe.


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Stay safe Dregra, stay well.

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Take care, have fun in Rift or where ever you go.

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Atys can be a very confusing and difficult place to be. For starters the game is designed to have Outposts and Supernodes in PvP areas to facilitate a friendly but aggressive reason for guild or faction battles. However, during the 2.5 years I have played the game I have never seen a battle for the right to dig supernodes. The majority of the PvP outside of OP wars, was choreographed battles to farm faction points. To my way of thinking this should have been considered an exploit. Guess that is why it was nerfed. If a team did attempt a battle for supernodes, it was known by most that they would be blackballed by the rest of the server and raked through the muck in the forums. It seems very difficult to blend the PvE, PvP, and RP so that all can remain in their comfort zone.

And yes you can write off my comments because I am in Temporary Insanity now. It was not always so. As a few of you will remember I started in Atys Ghosts. At that time AG was a very strong guild, and for the most part Kara ruled the server. Then as seems to be the norm for Ryzom some of the players from the past popped back in game for a visit. Nothing against older players returning, but for newer players who have worked to build up the guild they are in, it can be very disconcerting when someone they have never seen is made Guild Leader just because they were in game years ago. As it came to pass AG split with some going to Kami, but many others leaving game entirely. Feeling stuck in the middle between friends on both sides of the split, I left AG and formed a solo guild, though still remaining Kara.

At about this time GoJ pretty much left game as a guild to search for adventure elsewhere. Some of those remaining joined Kami guilds and that coupled with Sweetmarie taking her AG split to the Kami, the power shifted to the Kami. But the battles were still close and world clock timing of battles could win for either side. But the Kara were faltering, and a lack of leadership and organization was taking a heavy toll. In my last battle as a Kara the fighting between the two factions was not nearly as active as the fighting between Kil, Denny and Frappi. The harsh words and anger did not make for an enjoyable game. Again I saw players leave the game. Some for a short time, others have not returned.

I was invited on boss hunts by TI, where I actually learned many things about the game that I had not been presented with by my Kara friends. And even though I was still Kara, I was provided with boss mats and a recipe for PvP jewels that no one in the Karavan would help me do before. Ultimately I joined TI, and to this day my only regret is that by joining them I could no longer compete against them. It was always a challenge trying to take down Nit and Bet, while avoiding Yaka and Monje. I have not found such a challenge since joining TI. It was TI’s organization and superior equipment that allowed them to take power, not the alts. Those came after another wave of players left the game, mostly from boredom and the realization that the big changes coming to the game were pipe dreams.

So I will join Tboy, Sweetmarie, Ladydi, Kaimh, Clothahump, Jon, Theharvestor, Juliotravis, Norbdraken, Madwife, Orpya, Mongroll, Lalani, Ryains, Amnesia, Zyratuan, Ysquainir, Shruikan, Deadelf, Ajilous, Moishani, Bahtan, Wolfyre, Gymsko, Abrasion. The only difference is I am leaving after the Alt debacle. They all left before. And I am sure in another month or two months, there will be another reason for you to unsub an account in protest of something. But sadly until the game actually adds something new, there will always be the old players popping in for a visit, but they never stay. The population will hover around its set level as new players try the game out, and with others becoming bored with the game and leaving, those new ones can assume power and enjoy their time in atys. I hope the server prospers, and there are many of you I will miss, but the flames and constant anger have burned all the fun out of the game. Special hugs to Sengosha. You and Merri were always a ray of sunshine. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Zhola & Sumdai

ps; This is only one person’s history. Many of you will have different histories, and that is the way it should be in a virtual environment. I only hope it remains for others to write their histories. It has been a great game. I wish it was still fun!

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*Hugs Zhola* Take care and have fun where ever you go.

PS: Found Bahtan... he was transformed into a Hobbit (on Vilya), and if you wanted to talk to Deadelf, he is usually lurking on CeB :P

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