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#1 [en] 

Healer Tao Sian will await her escort from Zora to Pyr at the Grand-Place in Zora to bring her curative compound for Emperor Dexton on Holeth, Germinally 18, 3rd AC 2554(JY) at 14h*. In order to not be surprised by the ferocious beasts that plague the areas the escort will pass, please bring proper attire and defensive weapons. The road will be long and the danger real.

Wan Fai-Du, disciple of Sage Sorrow.

* Saturday, 5 February at 20:00 GMT

#2 [en] 

As most know by now, Tao Sian was kidnapped from amongst the ranks of her escort upon our arrival into the Desert. The kidnapping has been reported to Senator Dios, and the Desert is being scoured by the Fyros Guard. I await word on this front.
The kidnapper, Dilimi Rosini, is seemingly unknown to the Matis as well. I plan to seek audience with the Nobles on this matter.
It is my utmost concern that Tao Sian be found, and taken to Pyr with all haste. Should anymin have information regarding the whereabouts of Dilimi Rosini or Tao Sian, please contact myself or any Awakened immediately.
Speaker Aeralin

#3 [en] 

Information has been obtained regarding the recent ambush of the caravan bringing the Zoraï healer, Tao Sian to Pyr. Decalion Krilus will meet with interested parties that wish to aid in locating the kidnapped healer on Prima, Harvestor 7, 3rd AC 2554(JY) at 11h* at the Ceriakos Gate.

* Saturday, 12 February at 20:00 GMT
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