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There are many many really good suggestions to be found in the feedback-forum.
http://feedback.ryzom.com/forums/2600-english?filter=top&page =1
Much much more than just 10!

Also you can't make more than 10 suggestions there yourself because each suggestion needs at least one vote by yourself...

It would be ok to be limited to 1 vote per suggestion, so you could see how many players really want this or that change. Or 2 votes maximum for actual players of Ryzom and only 1 vote for inactive players or multi-accounts (there is no limit to fake accounts at the feedback-forum right now)...

To put up the feedback in this forum instead of the feedback-forum would have three positive aspects:

1. it wouldn't be so easy to cheat with multiple accounts for one user here as it is now in the feedback-forum, if only actual account-owners could be made able to vote in here

2. there are alredy too many "important" outgame-sources for Ryzom by now to keep track (Dev-blogs/Twitter, RP-Forum, Feedback-forum, homepage, "old" forum, this new forum, perhaps also facebook and interviews/reviews here and there)

I want to play and have one central board where I'll find the latest information and where I can discuss this game. I don't want to spend hours to take a look at every possible Ryzom-source to get the latest news!

3. this forum would get more active I hope. Just take a look at the old/official forums in comparsion to this one!



there is a technical aspect...

earlier, we only could make suggestions in the ryzom forums, where devs or csr had to read all teh forums and topics, ilter all the off-topic stuff, or discussions out..

Now it's an external solution, implementet into ryzom web structure, to make it much much easier to add, sort, analyse and manage suggestions. To move suggestion again to forums, especially to the ig forums, that are still not very advanced and featured..

These would be many steps backward


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I think it would be a step forward
- this forum is a brandnew application
- I would want POLLS added to a feedback-subforum here ;)
- the 10-vote-limit is really stupid and limits also the number of suggestions you can make
- cheating with multi-accounts is much too easy in the feedback-forum
- the feedback-"forum" is also a forum; so why are you against moving the suggestions into "forums"?
- the feedback-forum also has 3 parts - english, french and german! The german part seems to get utterly neglected :(
- it would be better to put up ONE feedback-subforum here, ask people to write in english or two languages (or have some official edit translations into those threads)



It's a good point, but one that should of been obvious from the start. There's too many of these silly web-based softwares shared between too few people. It's not fair to expect everyone to keep up w/ them all.

It should all be integrated, also, these boards should be made public (Read access at least) and the old boards removed. It just looks like a dead game from the outside now(some might argue it is :p).


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I have to agree with Jayce (again *gasp*)
The "old" boards look pretty dead from neglect at the moment.
So, how do we keep an interesting public front?
Making these open access effectively makes the "In-game useable" aspect mood, or doesn´t it?

A difficult decission I wouldn´t want to have on my shoulders.



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Lylanea (Leanon)
Making these open access effectively makes the "In-game useable" aspect mood
umm, why?


Well, people complained about Offgame boards not seeing "enough" traffic and being lazy as any human, they wanted to have InGame Boards. Now they´ve got them and want them to be public (Offgame) again, because the actuall ofgame boards are now seeing even less activity. Well.... why then even have offgame boards if almost nobody ever looked to them anyway?
Most of the few newbes we had in the last few month, told me "I do not look into Forums, no matter if they´re In, or Offgame. I simply don´t like them. Too much spamm and too many idiots around."
Only after I convinced them that our baords were different (from WoWs, or any other Games out there) would they look into these. With extreme reluctance, I might add.
I have no ture idea why this is, appart from bad experience in other games, but a large contingent of players doesn´t seem to care about any boards at all.
Hence the general reluctance to write, Offgame as Ingame.
Anyway, it is a difficult decission to make.
But I agree that any kind of activity on any board around would be a good thing to see. Even if only a very select few players ever look at it.



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I appreciate the fact that I can read and post on these boards both from ingame and outgame.

When I'm ingame, the less programs programs running in the background, the better. Firefox is particularly resource hungry. Not having to alt-tab while playing to access the various event announcements makes it even better.

Being able to read the forums from my Blackberry while I'm away from Atys (damn RL keeps me busy ! :p)
is also a big plus. I can check the boards during my long commutes to and from work. It kills time and allows me to keep in contact with my remaining active guildies.

Merge the API and official forums please ! Grant reading rights to the public sections to everyone, prospective players and unsubbed ones alike. Make the roleplay and feedback forums accessible from ingame and outgame, centralized in a single API. The more centralized and accessible the information will be, the better for everyone; old farts and newcommers alike !

We're lazy, we assume it, but making it accessible and more practical can never hurt. :P


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Seems to me you're finding problems where there are none really. Some people don't like forums, some do. Can't hurt to have the option though, if they don't like, they don't have to use. Simple. =)


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