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Arrow of Yasson is a new Matis Karavan (RP) guild

Just as King Yasson fired an arrow to mark the site of his future capital, so too we fire a flaming arrow to rekindle the Three Fundamental Values and the Ten Commandments in the hearts of all who seek excellence and truth. [OOC] AoY is a mature friendly community that enjoys helping all homins (regardless of orientation) trek, forage, craft, and battle mobs. Our goal is to enjoy all aspects of the game to the fullest.

Headquarters: Yrkanis
Race: Any
Citizenship: Matis (neutral for initiates)
Cult: Karavan (neutral for initiates)
Fundamental Values: Loyalty, Aesthetic Achievement and Competition
Guild Symbol: The sumptuous flower of the Bravichi Rotoa

Are you ready to open your heart and soul to the dazzling light of Jena? Are you ready to serve the new hope that was born with King Yrkanis? To learn more about Arrow of Yasson, contact Cuisinart, Gully, or any of our membership.

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Welcome to AoY Sipel

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