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Flame of Atys was created shortly after the battles of the Flaming Forest at the highest strength of the once elite Karavan Faction. Soloreaper has emerged again from the depths of the long forgotten realms we know only as; "the lost world of life" in order to start a new revolution.

We want to create a future for the loyal, brave and hungry. It is time to start something new, to learn what life on Atys is like in a guild knitted together so tightly they understand each other. The future is ready to be mapped by the new.

Soloreaper a fyros, who supports the path of Jena, a loyal Karavaneer. Known on Atys mainly for his time at "Order of Nameless". A leadership style that supports the indvidual in order to create a group. Enjoys PvP, PvE and RP. Friendships sit on both sides of factions when not in battle!

Let's start the new revolution!

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Nice to see you back Solo. Even if you are a Fyros :)

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Solo ! I remember you from good old times ! *huggles* Nice to see you're back on Atys and hope to see you there soon (TM).


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