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I have been playing ryzom for a bit, and noticed a few things missing, along with some new ideas that you may be able to use. I know my guild likes some of the ideas, and if you want, i can get a petitio type thing going to show how many people would like this stuff. well, heres my ideas, i hope someone in the ryzom team gets ahold of them...

Multi-player Transport (ships, airships, etc)- cannot be effectively operated by one character, need multiple to do the chores of the vehicle, such as controlling engines or sails to change speed, steering the ship, doing repairs, arming cannons, etc.

Animal Taming (both herding and warpets)-as it says, the abbility to tame, and possibly breed, wild animals to either get higher quality materials from a known location, or to have a personal war-dog or the like with you in battle

Children-both player children, who would have the chance to apprentice under one of the parents and later act as a companion, and npc, who would just show that the players of ryzom were not born adults

NPC hiring-the ability to hire npcs to do work, possbly with a new skill tree with Foreman for harvesting and Commander for combat. This would allow people to take a few people with them if players aren't available to help them do odds and ends. You could also train npcs personally, but taht takes more time, plus they cannot pass you in skill level. This would also allow for a bigger strategy element if you follow my later mentioned kingdom idea. Having members of the kingdom training troops for your empire to defend against invaders and invade, with massive armys not only of kitins coming over the hill, but now the armies of other empires. Also, it would allow guilds to have foragers working a ways from camp.

Player camps, cities, and kingdoms- Since atyss is a giant living, growing tree, i thought an interesting feature taht could be in the game were kingdoms. As the tree grows, new, rare resources became available, so people make camps. As more harvesting is needed, and possibly npcs hired, they would need more permanent settlments, evolving the camp from basic camp, to a village, to a city. The kingdoms could be a guild effort. Eventually, resources, would run out, meaning poweful guilds would move out with the growth of Atys. Newer guilds would come in and salvage the old cities, or build new ones, as they grow in power. The alternative to moving out could also be caravans of ships and animals to getthe resouces from farther out of a guild does not wish to leave its well-developed land. They could be run by both npcs or players, but always require one player to lead them the first time atleast. This would also add the aspect of raiding. Enemy kingdoms, or bandits within a kingdom, could kill the beasts of burden to take the potentially rare resources, or use their own ship to disable and capture traders ships.

More Mounts- someting that would be awesome in the game, that would set it aside from many others, would be war mounts. While i also think more mounts period would be nice, imagine the kinds of people that would come to the game if you could mount your steed and lead a charge into a horde of enemies, doing massive damage, then continuing to fight in the midst with your mounts assistance.

Food/hunger system and farms-Many quests ask that you get food to feed npc places, but how can they starve when the characters cant? Maybe adding another stat bar, hunger, would add a bit more realism to the game. While it could be ignored for a while with no ill effects, once it gets down to about 25%, your regeneration rates would go down, and as more time goes by, your stat caps would also go down. However, if your keeping your character full, then you maybe could get bonuses. Also, farms would be another bit of realism to add to the game. When you first leave the massie cities of the 4 races, i know i wuld expect to see fields of grain or fruit or even herds outside of the walls. Maybe adding a new skill to the harvesting set would allow players to farm themselves.


feedback.ryzom.com is the right place for such suggestions. Here, you should post forum sugestions, bugs etc. only.

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hey man nice shot :)


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thanks for telling me, didnt know where to go, ill go repost there : )

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