#86 Multilingual 

So sad to hear this. He was such a lovely person to interact with. My condolences to his family and friends.


#87 [en] 

Omg, this is very sad. I think we all loved Azad so much. He always would craft gear like swords, etc. for anyone who asked, and he always left Atys in the evening with a "Goodnight Atys, sleep well."
I will miss him a lot. *Tears, roll down....*
RIP Azad, and we will see you again. :)

#88 [en] 

I am so very sorry to hear this. Atys will never be the same. Blessings of peace and comfort to his family and friends. :(

#89 [en] 

One of the kindest souls around, you will be missed.

arc / ceras former HO of fluffy bunnies


#90 [en] 

If anyone has an IG Screenies of Azad on screen please post here or send to me in Rocket Chat.  Thanks in advance

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