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Good day Atys, and I hope that all is going well during these trying times in our real-world. I would like to see if any guilds or junk collectors have and are willing to donate to a worthy cause (mine ;-)) any or all of the follwoing:

A. Q160/Q210 or Q260 Choice Named (mini-boss) mats (any region - these only spwan after a server restart, these are not the normal named ones ((ie: Dolak - which is of Excell Q)) that respawn every 50 minutes.

B. Q259 Fine Kirney mats (any amount will do, beggers cannot be choser) - these are the guards for the Q270 Kirney boss and are also located in Demon's Lap.

C. Excellent Corrupt Igara Skins from Pei-Ruz's Camp in Haven of Purity (these mats are obtainable manly through team effort to get NPC points for LA).

Thank you again and Godspeed,

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