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Available types of mounts and zigs

Three types of mounts are available:
  • Mektoub;
  • Gubani of beige coat [i](winning at the Wheel);
  • Gnoof of the Nexus (reward for a Storyline mission).
Three types of zigs are in game:
  • Albino Yubo (special reward that can no longer be obtained);
  • Gubani (won at the Wheel, different sizes available);
  • Frippo (won at the Wheel, different sizes available).

Gameplay features

Each Premium player (subscriber) can, at most, use simultaneously in game:
  • one mount;
  • three packers;
  • three zigs.
Domestic animals housed in a stable are included.
Each animal has an inventory where the player's items can be stored.

Premium novelty: pastures

In order to allow the owning of several types of mounts and more than three types of zigs, the ability to send the animals to pasture has been added. Thus, the Premium account holder can send up to three of his/her domestic animals to pasture to free up space in the game for those just obtained. The domestic animals sent to pasture are no longer usable in game until they are returned from the pasture by exchanging them for a domestic animal of the same category (mount for mount, zig for zig).
Note that the inventory of domestic animals is automatically exchanged between those leaving and those returning from the pasture or with the new ones.
This new system does not provide additional inventory, but allows you to own mounts or zigs of different aspects and to exchange them without losing the content of their inventory.

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Packers can't be placed into pasture

((The rest of the post was not valid along current game rules))

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Continuing from above, if I undesstand correctly:

1.  One (1) Mount In-Game of among the three (3)* available
2.  Up to three (3) In-Game, no pasture access available.
3.  Up to three (3) Zigs in game of among the three (3) available **

*    How does white Gubani for in ? ... or is he / she gone extinct ?
**  Have seen Zigs of variou sizes .... how do you choose size ?  Just to confirm .... Bulk Storage Capacity does not change based upon size, correct ?
*** Will the game at some point indicate relative speed and HP of the various animals ?


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