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On that day, Haokan had a big smile on his face when he visited Jeoi Di-Shuan.
- Hey, no wince today? teased the harvest trainer.
- Né, for once it was good!
- You have finally understood the benefits of digging...
- Well... in a way. I found a teacher! And a very good one!
- Ho, maybe I know her?
- Nu né sok, she's a trykette... but she knows the Jungle well. She is Nair Krill.

The trainer guffaw:
- Poor Haokan, I don't know if you got a good deal ! She has the reputation of emptying all the bars in the Bark. Even if I rarely see her at Min Cho's bar... You'll spend more time making her drop her bottle than digging!
- No, I'm not! We had a great time and the contents of her bottle doesn't prevent her from giving good advice. I have made more progress in one hour with her than I have in several seasons with kamists. She is like Miles Dodoine in Silan. Just effective, even if she jokes a lot.
- How did you convince her to teach you how to dig? You're the clumsiest and least motivated digger I've met in years, and she's a pretty lonely digger.
- We met at storytelling evenings. Besides, it's not the only fantastic people I've had meeting at these evenings. I learned that she knew how to lead the pickaxe... so I took a chance and she agreed to take me on as an apprentice. And her prices suit me well.
- Does she charge you? Ha, those trykers!
- Yes, in stories.
- Stories?
- Digging takes time to chat and tell a story. Today I only had a little tale, and yet I've progressed enormously. What will it be like if I start the saga of the Great Masks!

Jeoi Di-Shuan almost choked with laughter:
- If you tell her the whole story, she'll need a damn drink! Here, I've got a bottle of Bambooka left... you can bring it to her sometime. But have pity on her, stay with the poko tales for now!


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