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I will be posting small suggestions for improving palyer experience although from dev point of view some of them may be impossible if not toon of work. My goal is to make the game more adapted to what players expect from a resposive and fast experience game, without ofcourse destroying or disrupting the current way of palying. Just think as additional options of playing that doesnt affect those who prefer playing like they always have done.

1st suggestion:

Being able to call your mount anywhere, you use a item or easier from the mount menu and select the mount and say, to travel to where you are, that easy. That way players who don't want to spend time traveling to what ever they left their mount, can keep their journey and gameplay, without having to worry about real life problems. Some people don't like this kind of easy RPG thing, but other players really value their time in real life, and walking with you character accros the world thosands time just to pick up your mount can be reason to stop playing it.

More suggestion upcomming, depending on how well this one is accepted for the community. I wish I knew programming so I would do it my self and share the code to be implemented.

Now that the game is avaialble in steam, i think the game has an ooportunity to bring players and ddevelopers to make their own weapons and customes and be uploaded to workshop. Free new contents for the love of the game.

Have a good day everyone.

#2 [en] 

Mount is not only transport, but also a walking warehouse.
So it will change at least: 1. the digging process, 2. the range "heavy" weapons training process, 3. the process of usage of "heavy" ranged weapons in wars, 4. something else.
Without saying that this is some kind of unrealistic bells and whistles.

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