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Can you please make an option to hide helms from graphic but while still keeping the stats of the item worn.

#2 [en] 

I like this idea because I like to pretend I am a real bad ___ when I fight, with my wild red hair flying in the wind!
Plus, frankly, most of the helmets are ugly. :)

#3 [fr] 

Hum ... ça fausserait les combats et le ciblage tête alors qu'il y a un casque invisible. Dans ce cas pourquoi pas une armure invisible aussi ...

#4 [en] 

I want nvisible mount.... oh wait... :P

#5 [en] 

I don't think that it would be a good thing to do. Choose another helm, if you don't like it.Knowledgable fighters can judge the capabilities of your gear just by looking at you / it. And that's a skill and useful thing which also is quite intuitive to understand: form follows function, especially for armour. The funky shapes and colours are needed to sustain the magic contained in it to form its particular stats.


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#7 [en] 

-1 do wear a well looking helmet instead.
-1 i have to see what your protection on head is while using my axe

#8 [en] 

More hats!



#9 [en] 

I want nvisible mount.... oh wait... :P

invisible mounts? easy! just undo the toub patch :D

#10 [en] 

Be patient ... it will eventually unpatch itself. :)


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#11 [en] 

Make a checkbox that says

⬜ Hide helmet (self)
⬜ Hide helmet (other players)

The effects is limited to you only, so that other players who wants to see helmet for pvp or rp purposes can still do so.


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#12 [en] 

Can I also have a couple of checkboxes to hide what I do not like?

#13 [en] 

I can't get behind hiding ugly things. I hate all the boots, so I rarely wear them. I've always been like this. If you want to really hurt me, step on my toes... I know the risk. And I still make the choice.


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#14 [en] 

If you don't want to wear a helmet, don't wear a helmet.


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