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This should be the place to report errors on  and also give me feature requests of things needed to be added or changed.

In recent weeks the Site has gotten a lot of security improvements and i have added some new features.

Whats new?

  • Way of Mobs being sorted at Animal section.
  • Way of how Boss Mobs are being added to Maps and how they are shown.
  • Added Season and Quality options for Raw Materials on Maps.
  • Added a jump to map from Encyclopedia to find NPC.

Remember anyone who registers on this site, can add spots to the maps. Please use the info field to enter the lvl of the material and Weather / Time conditions. ex: (Q200 Day, Rainy etc.)

Please also remember to not use the zoom function of your browser, cause this would mess up the coordinates.

Please Upload screenshots of Encyclopedia entrys that are new or need to be updated. I need English, German and French pictures.
Please check if the corresponding NPC´s are allready added to the DB and Map, if they are not please add them yourself.

You can also upload pictures of everything else that need to be added to the database, including of Outposts, Tribes, Bandits, Bosses that have no mini pic on the map.
Please name the pictures with the Tribe, Bandit, Outpost, Boss Name.



in case you need to get me by mail use:
selene at

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Added Zinuakeen and Ranger Tunnels.

Have fun to add them to the Maps ;)

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For rangers:

  • In Yrkanis, it's not in town
  • you forgot the pathway in Nexus Minor + in Prime Roots

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everyone who is registered can add them on the maps, i just added the possibility to do so ;) I am a bit busy atm.

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Thanks for updating one of Aty's oldest and reliable resources. After merge, when all harvested resources were wiped. Most returning players remapped the higher level regions but the lower levels never got as much attention ... would urge players at all levels to contribute ... perhaps add to their MOTD


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