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This may sound strange coming from someone from a guild not known for PVP (in fact, most members of Atys Guardians are rangers not really interested in PVP), but like many players I am interested in providing a wider range of possibilities for different playing styles, including PVP. It occurs to me that one way promote more PVP and make it more meaningful (given the reduced number of active PVP players these days), might be to create a board that ranks guilds according to their PVP prowess. Rather than simply adding up guild members' PVP points, this could involve a new inter-guild PVP system (kind of a hybrid between declaring OP war and a dueling invitation) where a guild could challenge another guild to a PVP battle, with the option to invite either 4 or 6 members (I think more would be difficult in these times) to battle. The winning guild would win one point on the board, the losing guild would lose one point. I think the possibility of being highly ranked on the PVP board would motivate many guilds to participate. It would also be a recruitment tool, as new players interested in PVP would search out the best PVP guilds.

This would be separate from the OP wars, so it would allow for a different style of PVP (not so reliant on sheer numbers of players or weapons of mass destruction).

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The game itself currently does not gather any (public) statistics about players or guilds beyond the self-chosen title the players select for themselves based on their achievements.

Doing so would break this somewhat fundamental principle and also destroy the role play immersion.

That said, the idea is good - if it is a player-side thing done as a role playing idea. Like the ranking of a tournament or from regular tournaments. It will then feature those who are interested in it. It could also be done via a web app where people (or selected people) can enter or participate in so that statistics are compiled somewhat automatically for participating players (thinking of the apps which e.g. show participation in excursions to Pei or Dante).


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