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To give the ability to create allies with other guild (basically would let them go in to a allied guild as a guest/allie so they put something in but not take anything out and also know what will and will not be useful for them since they will be able to see what is in the GH) this can help some Guilds. Please let me know your idea on this thank you

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Ok, I thought guild alliances would lead to something more.

There already are a couple ideas and requests for improved storage.

I know that there was a program that allowed guild hall inventories to be viewed with the correct API and then you would use an alt to drop off or pickup the required materials.

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+1 for alliance system like in classic LA2

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I love this idea because it's sometimes hard to coordinate meetings to trade with guilds. OP mat distribution for example.


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placio please don't get confuse this is not for pick up thing this is just droping off things and see thing in there so it will be like an allie is a Guild member or Guild officier. This will mean people don't need alts to see other GH's if they are an allie to your guild.

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With peopel workign odd hours and/or being in different time zones, I feel something like this is long overdue.


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