What experience gain method do you like most?
Ryzom's current system (give all players a portion of XP based on the highest level) 6 (1)
Give all players a portion of XP based on the lowest level 0
Give all players the same amount of XP they individually would gain fighting solo 4
Give all players the same amount of XP they individually would gain fighting solo, divided by the number of teammates 0
Other 1
Abstain 1

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1. this is absolutely serious.
2. I have a lot more impudence. For example, I find it completely ridiculous to cry for more content after 200 hours in an old school sandbox MMO. Maybe that's also a reason why the community doesn't find it so cool, because they have been begging for it for 15 years. With the difference that we have understood that this will not happen anymore. So everyone has the choice to accept it and / or to use the possibilities to influence it concretely or just to leave.

Let's get to the point. The level system is one of the things that really sets Ryzom apart. Every player here can help you level and in 95% of the cases, this player can even get something out of it. That's all there is to say. What should be changed? Total bullshit. The game is designed as a group game and yet they could tell you how to level efficiently in pairs or alone.

What nerve you have telling us what you can or can't do in Ryzom after you've just crawled off Apprentice Island. Shame on you. Get up, get a backbone and conquer this community with your excess energy instead of crying.

@Sinvaders. Correct I don't know you (outside of this forum), but I know that you gained your experience here, which I don't want to deny you. But that does not change the fact that your statement cannot be generalized - since it is, generally speaking, unfounded.For once, this is not even meant as an attack, but simply a general correction.

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I’m confused by the original post...
The way Ryzom's leveling up currently works, the highest level skill used in a battle determines the total XP rewarded, and all players get a portion of that XP in the skill(s) they used.

I don’t think the “portion of that XP” is very accurate.

Last time I was training, the calculation was the highest skill level used plus 8 levels per additional team member. That team level is compared to the mob to give XP per person. Each person can get max XP provided that the battle was difficult enough.

Teamwork is greatly rewarded in this game provided you choose the correct mob to train on and have an appropriate sized team.

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Also some mobs have an xp factor greater than 1, like kinchers

There is a tool on BM that helps you to find the right mobs with a given party. (But also pay attention to parrying or dodging mode depending on your melee weapons).

Max XP per mob is not enough, you need to achieve a good killing rate to make the hunt efficient and pleasant, even with less XP per kill.

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Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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A bit of knowledge goes a long way.

The XP does not exactly get split so much as XP = [2 / ( T + 1 )] * C * X reduces the rewards as T increases. The "Add 8 for every teammate" is a good enough aproximation of (2/(T+1)) to work though. 

For super-herbis (C=6), the C*X part is large enough that you can being a team with two masters and still not get nerfed even though 2/(3+1) = 2/4 = 0.5, or half XP. Shalahs and Plods are a great way to get 6k/kill in small teams.

For Kinchers (C=2.5), the XP/kill is good, but they have enough HP to earn that 2.5 so they're better suited for team levelling.

There are some mobs that have low XP/kill but drop fast enough that they make up for it in XP/hr

In the end, knowledge is power.

Oh, and Moniq.... the reason it's not more hardcore is that hardcore players are a small minority. It is false to think everyone consider same things to be fun as you do. Maybe someday there will be a return of the Ring so that those who hate TPs and rewards can be happy, but until then, Atys needs to be a compromise to make sure that the 95% of us who are a bit more casual than you can also play.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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