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My thoughts are pretty simple. A lot of time I have gotten up to get a drink, dealing with crazy kids or simplu going to the bathroom and came back to a gingo or something of the like chewing on my corpse. To me it would make sense to have a setup where you would simply turn toward and attacker and hit the with what is in your hand. I would not care if this would be something included for an AFK setting that you could turn on and/or off. It could also be under a skill system you could purchase so you simply click a skill bar when these brief moments happen.
I person had one objection when I asked about this in game. He did not like the idea that it gives someone in PvP control of your character. I could think of one other abuse that may or may not work... if you went AFK in a poplated region with some weapon of doom and went afk for a few days to gain skill provided you did not die. Again that could be solved a few ways, have a timer involved..... lasts 15 to 30 minutes or simply have it as part of a skill setup that you gain no exp.
I think on the plus side of things would be not coming back to the game having some minor critter gnawing on me and having to trek back to wherever you was located... the DP issue is minor for me, main part is exploring and having to take a break is an unfamiliar place and have real life poke it's ugly head at you.

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If you go AFK, do it on safe place or deal with consequences.

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If I go afk in a safe place I would deal with it. That is not the purpose I am talking about. I have gone off to an isolated location and had to step away for a minute to lets dogs out.... and came back with lord kows what that has been trained along into a corner of the map not often traveled for the whim of some person that decides it would be funny to make you walk back to you corner of the world. I am not asking anything complicated, I am asking a simple turn toward the critter and auto attack physically with whatever is in your hand. It seems reasonable to me to turn and hit any critter that wants to do you harm, If I am to simply deal with it at least explain a good reason why this sound unreasonable.

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Because you are AFK and I see no reason why the game should play itself.

Log out or go AFK on safe place. Otherwise, your risk.

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Is such a system possible? Probably.

Is such a system desirable? Eh, who knows, purists will say 'no'. I'm on the fence personally.

But... is such a system useful? Honestly, I have my doubts. Most often than not, if I returned from AFK to an ongoing attack on me, I had to do more than just simply fighting back. Consider:

- If you are digging, you have your pick. Can't attack, you'd need to change said item first.

- If you're wearing amplifiers, most mobs will kill you anyway, even if you were to auto-start casting. Your spells cost life, you know. Even if you discount that issue, carnivores and kitins have the pesky problem of interrupting you. Even as a master, I often have to use my MPA aura while fighting mobs many levels below me.

- If you're grinding a skill that's lower level, you are probably in a place where the mobs are higher. They're going to dodge/parry your puny attacks and finish you off anyway.

- The number of times when I came back timely to an ongoing attack, and all I had to do was start fighting back ... is quite low.

- ... and even then, it becomes useless if you are attacked by more than one critter. You can survive one attack but not several, without using self-heals or auras.

So, I'm afraid this proposal wouldn't solve much. We just have to get better at recognizing the patterns in the places we visit.

p.s. The idea to log off is decent, you still have 30s during which you are vulnerable, but otherwise it buys you time.

p.p.s. You can also teleport within that region, losing some progress but not all of it. At least you are safe under the altar's protection.


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Thank you for you honest feedback. The issue I had was one of reason.... if you poke a bear it will poke back... even if sleeping it could roll over and take a swipe.
There is one other thing I have seen. Some people have a habit if they see someone afk or a packer around of training things to the location no matter how out of the way.

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Auto-Attack is the perfect way to train your char while you are away. Just place him/her in a place where aggro mobs will find you, but which won't kill you. And you will happily train for hours without making a single key stroke.

I know at least one other game where it works in that exact way. It never saved me when I was away for a short time for reasons Laoviel pointed out. But it was (ab)used by many to train their chars for hours during the day while they were working, returning in the evening with a few levels gained.

So, definitely no, not a thing we want to see here.

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That was my second thought; the botting abuse. 

My first was wondering what the world was coming to because I found myself agreeing with Moniq.


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