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To have instead of just member, officer, high officer, guild leader. to have classes like healer, high healer as the role for possibly better roleplays in guilds.
(member will stay the same/ healer as in the example will take the role of officer and high healer as in the example will take the high officeir role in the guild/ guild leader will stay the same)

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In the end it is just words in one tiny menu that only your guild sees?
So you could from now on call every member > Boobs, Officer > Lazy ass, High officer > High healer, Guild leader > King/Queen within the guild and if your guild roleplays it like that then all is good.

GoS used to roleplay (< that is 4 words in a row alot of ppl will debate to be untrue) that all members in guild where called BOOBS (Binarabi's cuddly beautifull noobs, since she did most of the recruiting and helping out new ppl with gear and such)

Other people would not be able to see it anyway so it would be nice to change guild roles names but without the option to change the acctually access they get (like have the ability to make multiple Guild Leaders) there is not really a need for it.
If it would give you custom titles based on guild role I would say good luck with that, policing this would be a new nightmare, or has everyone grown up by now (*spoiler* I have not ;p *spoiler*)

Ps. And if not everyone in your guild is a HO a week after they join then you got serious trust issues since it is just a game and digital mats ...
(Then again making everyone GL in GW2 wasnt my smartest move)

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it won't just be healer and high healer it would go with the skills and hopefully be matching the role they want to be know for. but if they just want to be call the orginal roles in guild they can, i was hoping for more roles in the guild thats all.

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oh yeah if you want more roles for ppl in guilds then yes I am all for it, and giving options to edit stuff like can invite and kick, take stuff from GH but not declare op war would be awesome


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