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#1 [en] 

I was think that if someone who does want to use the elyps that they can give it to someone who needs it for example a custom name change of a mount or zigs. please leave a yes if agreed a no for disagreed or other for a reply.

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#2 [fr] 

Pouvoir donner des Elyps = une armée d'ALTS à chaque event

#3 [en] 

Elyps is not a currency in common meaning. I understand it as a sort of social credit towards NPC. Actions you can get for Elyps are, in fact, opposite missions, tasks that NPC do for you as you do regular missions for them.

Besides what Eolinius says.

#4 [fr] 

Pouvoir donner des Elyps = une armée d'ALTS à chaque event





Une Larme parmi Les Larmes
C’est comme une goutte d’eau dans un lac
C’est fragile, mais un lac on peut s’y noyer

#5 [en] 

back since 3 days got 12 elyps so know nothing about it but still this idea sounds like you want to change elyps into a normal currency and the game already has one called dappers.

No reason to have 2 normal tradable currencys.

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