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This app is a work in progress, however you can already use it to search for lots of different types of missions across Atys. New missions are still being added, and there are various features planned, so watch this space.

You can find the app at /appzone 2540

If there are particular missions you want prioritised for adding or features you'd like to see, post requests here.

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I'm impressed with the amount of work!
It's awesome!

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I'm impressed with the amount of work!
It's awesome!


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Draig, are you manually collecting the mission data or is it available from api now?

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Draig, are you manually collecting the mission data or is it available from api now?

I'm manually collecting at the moment, but an api would be great.

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Just be careful, someone could still change some of the mission items and rewards making your manual list obsolete .

I’ll see if I can find my mission names and descriptions from the craft overseers.

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Thanks. I've seen some previous apps that no longer function for that very reason. Hoping most of missions are stable at least for a while. Any help is most welcome.

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May I suggest an amelioration?

as tribe names and places are very different in French and English, maybe if you add on the results page, some links to wiki (onh tribe names and places), people could easilly translate D

(note: don't know why, but on here, all message in English can't be translated)


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Happy to add something like that until a more complete translation is available. Is there a link you'd recommend? I've found this one, but it doesn't seem to be fully translated:

The translation has certainly been at the back of my mind, mapping place names and tribe names would be easy enough for an option in the app. For the mission titles, once names are removed, there is a lot of reuse (from 1973 missions there are currently just 477 unique titles), so hoping to get those translated too at some point. For the time being, they are listed in order of appearance, which should help match them up.

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you could just add a link to english names (tribe or place) - most of them have, on top right flags, to get it in other langues

Other links:

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All current strings in DeepList (like location names) can be exported, if that will help you. But it is not hard to get it from other sources.

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Thanks, I've added a link to the wiki to start with that will be included in the next update. Will then look into adding translations.

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I've started to add translations for the missions queries page and the foraging mats page. These are currently on a test site for accessing out of game. If anyone wants to take a look and let me know if they're okay, I'll update the live version.

The link is:

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Very nice work (thanks a lot !!!)



1. (home page) FR and ES flags need to be switched.

2. In FR pages

2.a.  Form zone:* Region form, Prime Root is in Spanish (not in French: Primes Racines)* Crafting type form: Range weapon are badly translated (Gamme instaed of Arme de tir)
2.b.  in results page,

* Task colomn: change location and what. for ex "4 x Bosquet de la Confusion Jugula" - would be better if " 4x Jugula, Bosquet de la Confusion"


* title for fame to change in FR. Faction fame (EN) is badly translated to "Faction fameuse" - who means nothing... would be better "Renommée modifiée" (fame changed) 

* in Fame results, in colomn " Faction fame" : the tribes are in English (not in French)


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Thanks for testing and highlighting those mistakes.  No idea what happened with the flags, very sorry.

I've updated the bad translations identified and the faction fame column should now translate for all languages, but still need to fix the sentence order for task descriptions. I think this will be relevant for German as well?

In the mean time, a large batch of fame missions have been added, thanks to Fluffy Bunnies, and continuing to add more missions from across Atys.  Now have over 2700 missions included!
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