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As I said I decited to make a thread where we will be able to discuss all the ideas/suggestions etc.
I will update this thread soon with the general informations we have right now. =]
So far here is a list of people interested in helping:
Goldcrest from AA.
Delerec and Binarabi (sp?) from GoJ.
Aeralin from IF.
Maybe Iala from.. um I don't know =P sorry.

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yup, can help out if I'm on at the time :)

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I may be able to get a few of my Dolls on board as well. I'm working on them, and a section on IF's forums for event development. My HO who manages our forums has been incommunicado for a few days now. I'm up for any sorts of fun, but if this event crosses with the delivery of the gift from the Matis, I must stay within my enlightened Awakened RP stance. :)

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Ok a little bit of information.
I will write few of my ideas. As I said earlier I was thinking about a murder story.
We get 1 character (can be alt) to die of poison in front of everyone. one of us could be a killer. Each actor would have 1 or 2 informations about the event. E.q. 1 player will know something how the homin died, other players don;t know at the beggining our victim died of poison afterall. other player would know something about the past of our victim. Another would know about his rivals/antagonists. This way players would have to interogate all of us to find out who of us killed him and why.
What do you think about such construction of the event?

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Sounds Awesome!!! I can volunteer a soulless drone to be the dead person. I've a few noobies on my alt acct that would die if you just look at 'em. :P

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heyo. I'm sorry I didn;t write for 2 days but I don't have much time to play recently. I'm coming back home at 10 p.m. I'm afraid we won't finish our little projeckt before Sunday so i guess we won't be able to tie it woth matis-Zorai event. I'm not giving up on it and we will do it! =]
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