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4,625,000 - 2,474,401 = 2,150,599 DP for one death ?


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Hi, I think DP is higher if resurrection occurs when you have already a DP ongoing.


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Comparing these two numbers doesn't tell much.
You need to compare between "Your death penalty has reached x points" messages to figure out at first glance how much a death costs.

Here, your DP increased by 462,501 points only:
(4,625,000-1,688,098)-2,474,401 = 462,501

Which leads me to the conclusion that was your 10th successive death.

I concede the message is not very well worded for an easy understanding. It should be more like "Your maximum death penalty has reached 4,625,000 points, of which you have already recovered 1,688,098 points."
Or, alternatively, the first message in your picture should read "2,474,401 points out of 4,162,500 points are now remaining of your death penalty" (thus keeping a clear track of the maximum your DP had reached at previous death)

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Nope ... having had 10X DP many many many times over the last 15 years, I can attest that it is the same with each addition.  See this:

No it was not my 10th successive death.   When doing testing or creating apps, I expect to have 10X DP as often as not.  And when undergoung these tasks, I always have sysinfo open ... all previous DPs were the usual +462,500 ... Only THIS one was not


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Well, by using math on the numbers you provided, I can guarantee that your last death added only 462,500 points to your DP.

I think my previous post was clear enough at explaining why it is so.

No issue here.

Edit for more clarification : the two numbers you highlighted can't be directly compared because you had already been reimbursing your DP debt by a significant amount. You need to take the third number provided into consideration.

Edit 2 : Freddy, we don't know each other because I tend to play alone. I know for sure that after 15 years playing this game, you perfectly know the mechanics and I'm not someone who would lecture you. In fact, I would consider you as a go to source for anything like mechanics.
What I'd like you to realize, is that in this particular occurrence, your brain made up an issue out of nowhere about these numbers for whatever reason. I can only suggest you settle down, read everything again carefully and I hope you'll manage to see things with a fresh view and get that aha moment.
I hope this helps.

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If I remember correctly (have not watched dp numbers in years)...

when you die, game increases maximum amount of dp you need to pay (a). It does not increase dp already repayed (b). It means you can repay dp even if you keep dieing while doing so.

Offline dp removal will decrease you max dp (a), not your dp repayed (b).

You probably removed some dp while offline and thats why you got max dp reached message on next death. The 2mil dp value should of been displayed on your next xp gain.

Like I said, I have not payed attention to dp numbers for few years, so something to test?



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Appreciate the thoughtful response, but i just couldn't wrap my head around it.  I thought it was funny and that's why I made the title a joke.

What was puzzling me is:

1.  I started the day with teeny DP and I died like 4 or 5 times.

2.  Each time ... I looked and laughed but I don't remember seeing a huge jump in those total and recovered numbers.

3.  My purpose in being down there was to confirm NPC locations, test missions and report potential bugs.

4.  I was not killing anything, mostly dropping aggro on the federals and tribe camps.  So having died 4 or 5 times, seeing the jump that big on only the last one didnt make sense as I couldn't imagine having recovered 1.7 million DP "planting flags".  And if I did, why didnt I see anything near those numbers with deaths 2 thru 5 ? 

4.  BTW, next time I killed something .... a puka in front of TP, DP was still above 4.6 million.

5.  I realize now I made a mistake in referencing the "you just killed something and now have 2.74 DP" message..... I realize that it is irrelavent tothe discrepancy I was trying to explain and shud have provided two of the same consecutive identically worded messages.

The one saying "Your death penalty has reached 4,262,500 and you have recovered ...." and the one I remebered preceding it "Your death penalty has reached 2,750.000 and you have recovered ....",  Perhaps I misremebered but but given the way in seemed to jump off the screen that *one* time, I'd say possible but not likely.

If it hapens again, I'll take screenies after each one and perhaps you can clue me in one what Im missing.  Just having the last one isn't really helpful.

Personally, I don't have any reason to care as it has 0 impact.   It's not like I am grinding to earn XP at this point... no matter what I do down in SC, toon is not capable of earning XP with DP or no DP.  But, as you know from past efforts we have worked on, if I encounter a puzzle that I can't solve, it's gonna gnaw at my brain till I can make sense of it.

Akhires ... all i can say is "interesting mindset"... my 1st karen-like experience.  What I'd like you to realize is I couldn't care less about getting DP; its a normal state of being.  DP is only meaningful when your toon can earn XP.  I haven't gone one day without DP since mid May.   I'd be real interested as to the reason anyone in such a situation would become "unsettled".  To me this is simply a puzzle, I puzzle I'd like to solve.

I should aslo tell you that no, I have never paid much attention to DP mechanics other than how it affected the math in Bunny Tools.  DP has simply never been something worth caring about.  The change in the pattern after deaths 2 thru 5 seemed consistent, death 6 not being consistent intrigued me, I could not account for the change in pattern so I asked the question. 

Yes i do get that the math works for the 6th deal the 3 numbers do draw a logial conclusion ... my issue hoiwver is that the 5th deaths numbers for total / recovered where about half.

Again, it would have been more helpful for me to post pics of two of the same messages ...

"Your death penalty has reached 4,625,000 and you have recovered ...."

being preceded by

"Your death penalty has reached 2,750,000 and you have recovered ...."

The 2,746,00 thing with the cuttler was a red herring and just confused the issue, my bad.

The recovered DP is the most puzzling as I did nothing to earn any of it running around and planting flags, and seeing if the mobs and missions mats requested actually existed in region ... 1.7 mil DP recorved ?  ... from what ... wouldn'y I have to kill / harvest / craft a bunch of thing to build that in in such a short time ?

 I have seen a lot of things in the game that didn't make sense:

Soon after asking about those, was able to get constructive answers.  But the images speak for themselves, they do not make sense ... the explanations provided however did.   The text is still not rational, I now understand the cause.  But that doesnt change the fact that there is a disconnect between event sequencing that is possible given technology restraints and what is suppossed to happen in the "World of Atys".

Next time in, I will see if I can duplicate the experience.  If  can't,  then problem solved ...a bug is not a bug unless you can dulicate it.    If I  can duplicate it, perhaps we can put our heads together and detemine what happened ....

I'll note that that was a rough day for electonics ... we had storms all day, 4 power interuptions, longest 11 minutes (UPS last 20ish), a 2 hour brownout (103 volts) .... but i didn't notice anything on the PC other than monitors were a litle dull during the brownout.  I'm fairly confident that anything that would affect data integrity would not have gotten pass the UPS.


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