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i suggest that automatically a 'need rez' marker appear in all the compass window of in same region located homin(a) showing the location where one lies in coma:

Additionally: someone on the way to try to rescue the coma victim be able to claim or also to relinquish claim to the 'rez needed' marker (sort of) in order to make clear to other potential rescuers that help be already on the way

#2 [en] 

Uh... no?

#3 [de] 

No ... In my case, I do not care about dead homins around me. If they are not my allies I won't res them ... so please don't make the UI displaying this kind of infos.

#4 [en] 

ok, then not for all in the region but for all in FL who are at that time in the same region?

#5 [en] 

Any good reason to add this?

Invite other homin to your team and you can see him/her on the map.

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actually, for one or the other reason, one is not always underway while teamed up with anyone. If in such a moment a Homin(a), whom i include in my FL be in such a moment underway in the same region, then i would greatly appreciate such a notice then appearing in my compass window so that i could help out as qwuickly as possible. <-- i had not realized what a nuisance it would be for 'all homin(a)' in the same region to get such a notice 8/ sry

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Not everyone as only friends, in the FL despite the name.

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ok, then perhaps the option to become so alerted about FL friends could be turned on / off for selected FL friends? 8/
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