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As I understand, OP are one of the nerve centres of Ryzom, and more OP 250 than OP 50.

How to make small OP more attractive?

Is it conceivable that an OP 50 could randomly produce things that are more in demand, such as what OP 250 produce, but not in the same proportions? A bit like falling on gold nuggets, it happens, but it's not every day.

Alternatively, these random products would be announced in advance, this reward would be given to whoever holds this OP on this date, would come back on a regular basis (every x days) and would increase over time (when the OP does not change hands) and the counters would be reset to zero when there is a change of owner.

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+ for the idea. There should also a possibility to transform lower stat OP mats to a higher one. Perhaps use 20 q150 to get a q200 or something with a chance to lose all products or something like this.

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+ to both of these ideas.

As the days of very young homins coming together to form guilds are gone, it would be great to make these outposts a bit more useful.


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