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not got a screenshot atm, but i thought i was already being pretty noticeable with this:

main = magez
alt1 = ismagez
alt2 = izmagez

... i mean, i cant be any more obvious


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My alt is Khao. Though I'm not Discordian in faith anymore, it's a fun theme.

I started playing with IRL friends in mid '06. A few months into playing, there was some personal/server/faction/PvP dramatics and I created a whole different account to hide out on. When I was on Eris, I was very spoiled by someone that let me do what ever I wanted. (My only melee master is daggers) Eventually it just made sense to me to not hide on Khao but to use her to help me do what I wanted with out bothering anyone when my spoiler wasn't around. I mean really...Who wants someone to come to a plod party who is just wanting to punch the plods in the face? ...If anyone DOES please for the love of Jena, send me a tell! I need to master H2H. I also AFK a lot. I don't want a team to stop every 5 minutes or wipe because I need to wander off for silly reason. Fun fact, Khao's only master is my second dig master. How does that even happen? I also like dressing up 2 of us. Bahahahaha!

I play with Khao by alt-tabing. We both have all the same macros, set to keys (1/2 the time IDK where my mouse slid to). I just copy and rename them from Eris to Khao. Makes it easier to not have to remember anything special. These macros work for whoever I'm teamed with because they're team number dependent not names. Most of the time I'm actually trash at it because I get distracted by EVERYTHING in the world, IG and IRL. Matter of fact, we both have max DP right now. And we're broke. Thank you to who ever keeps buying our desert mats, it keeps us from starving. *hugs*

So anywho, that's us. Don't feel snubbed because I don't speak, I'm probs AFK and after 14 years she still doesn't think for herself. *eyeroll*


Homin Reaper Karavan

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The tank in a plod team is basically there to take damege ... as long as you wearing HA and taking the beating for tha ,mage pod actually doing the damge, I'd be glad to have you.   I dare say, with 60 hpm daggers, ya might be using more credits than doiing damage.  On tough bosses, I generall just stand there with high parry gear as doing actions just means that I gotta take a mage away from nuking to keep me standing.


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I think my H2H is 180something right now. But later on I will get some decent gear to come punch some plods. I'll even put boots on and that's saying something, I never wear shoes. xD


Homin Reaper Karavan
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