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We can fill the CoC with more gems like this:

So what is "too long" to hold a minion? There is a disctinction between 2 toons holding a minion and 2 toons holding the boss directly? If 2 toons are trying to hold a minion the boss can not be stolen but if one player with 2 toons wants to hold Lixie until their entire faction arrives that can be done? I notice these questions were never answered.

So here we are in Ryzom, making increasingly convoluted rules that are open to be dissected by a team of lawyers and nobody really knows what they are allowed to be doing until they get banned for breaking a rule that is open to various interpretations.

Why? Because *some* people are complaining.


#302 [en] 

Before adding anything related to the "lock" into the CoC they should first fix it.

#303 [en] 

I wish there was some way to make everyone happy. But I know realistically that just isn't going to happen. At this point we're just beating a dead horse. But perhaps some of these idea for Ops should be posted in the Ideas forum?

I will say though, that limiting the number of toons at an OP or not allowing new guild members (as was mentioned much earlier in this thread) makes me sad when I think about it. My first experience with PVP EVER was an OP battle. I was still a very young homin, hadn't even hit 125 in ele yet and was a pretty new Reaper, probably less than a month. Jayce and Sehraci got me to go. I died a lot but it was so much fun. After that I started tagging up and becoming active in the faction. I guess it was kinda a gateway drug ;) I don't know, I guess I just think it would be really sad to have to leave young homins out of something.


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