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Nair Governor,

I have recently received many reports from hawkers in the Upper Bog area.

They have been told by the Slash and Burn tribe of a strong agitation of the kitins usually staying at the Panting Pass, at the extreme south of the Bog. The screams and rumblings, much louder and more frequent than usual, plunged the inhabitants of the region into fear, but their tense relations with the Kingdom led them to not report it.

This for several weeks now! If the kitins are gathering, who knows how many of them there may be now?

We need to warn the Kingdom right away and see what's going on!

Pazzy O'Toogh
Hawkers' Guild

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Karan Stevano,

I come to you regarding a worrying situation. The Hawkers' Guild has informed me that the Slash and Burn tribe, settled in the Upper Bog, is reporting great turmoil among the kitins far to the south of the region.

Given the recent incursions of white kitins, the fact that they may be gathering in such a remote location for weeks is alarming.

Could we consider swift and joint action to assess this threat and eradicate it if necessary?

My sincere greetings to you.

Ailan Mac'Kean
Governor of the Federation of Naw-Trykoth

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Governor Mac'Kean,

The information you have brought to Us is indeed very disturbing and must be dealt with diligently.

In accordance with the orders of my father, Karan Stevano, and precisely for that purpose, I had begun to mobilize the vassals of the Kingdom in order to form a group of seasoned fighters capable of confronting this threat.

You spoke of a joint action, and I am happy to see how strong are the ties that bind Trykers and Matis. The Federation's help is of course welcome.

Since the Hawkers' Guild seems to be involved, and given that it maintains cordial relations with the tribes of the Upper Bog, perhaps it would be wise to have your informant at our side, in order to avoid any unfortunate incidents with the Slash and Burn tribe.

I have summoned our vassals at the gates of Yrkanis at 6h - Tria, Medis 15, 2nd AC 2608*. We will await your reinforcements there.

Jena Aiye.

Karin Aniro

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Nair Pazzy O'Toogh,

I have just received confirmation from Karin Aniro that action will be taken to assess the situation on the spot.

I have taken the necessary steps to inform the Taliari and Talalochi through izam so that a group of fighters able to support the Matis could be quickly formed.

As the Karin also strongly suggested your presence, in order to avoid any trouble with the Slash and Burn tribe, I am entrusting you with the task of organizing our troops there.

You are awaited at the gates of Yrkanis at 6h - Tria, Medis 15, 2nd AC 2608*.

Whatever the outcome, report back to me without delay.

Ailan Mac'Kean
Governor of the Federation of Naw-Trykoth

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Meeny O'Lan couldn't hold it together. His impatience was so obvious that the members of the Kuilde often cast riled glances at him.

Finally, after what he described as an interminable time, Chiaera Cuirinia came out of the chief's tent and took a few steps towards him:
— They agreed. They will help our scientists to settle in the region and they will assign some guards. The Karavan has also informed them that the transporter will be moved as well. I only hope it will make it easier to get to the camp.
— Ah, excellent! I will finally be able to get my rig back! Seela…

Then he disappeared in a halo of light in the middle of his sentence, leaving the Royal Botanist speechless.

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Eolinius was exhausted returning home. Unable to resist his explorer's instincts, he returned from the Nexus after recent events. There he found an entrance at the bottom of an abyss leading to an underground cavern. Unfortunately, he had been trapped inside all night and only managed to get out in the early morning, having dug through the rubble like a madman, having exhausted all his supply of toasted gingerbread slices.
At home, after brushing his armor full of earth, he took a Yber feather, sat down calmly, and began to write by the light of a small pumpkin-scented candle, placed on a barrel of Byrh near his hammock.

Addressed to Nair-Ailan Mac'Kean, Governor of the Federation of Naw-Trykoth.

Report of the emissaries sent to the Matis country to serve as intermediaries between the kingdom and the tribe of the Scarlet Mercenaries.

Nair-Governor, under your directive and led by Nair-Pazzy O'Toogh, we arrived safely at Yrkanis where we were welcomed by the young prince Aniro himself. The young prince seemed to be quite self-effacing and after congratulating the participants he quickly returned to his palace, probably in fear of being attacked again by rebel plants [Eolinius smiled] and left the direction of operations to his highest nobles.

We all went into the forest to the Scarlet Mercenary camps without major incidents. Nair-Pazzy O'Toogh was beginning to parley but the cordial contact was very brief as the tribe was exterminated by angry nobles led by a mistress of arms dressed as an Amazon who was trumpeting at the top of her lungs, I quote, "kill the guards, we'll talk later".

The chief of the tribe (one of the only ones still alive) was then mistreated and interrogated by these nobles using methods unworthy of a modern and civilized nation such as that of our dear Naw-Trykoth.

It is very regrettable that at the dawn of difficult times when nations will have to ally themselves, the Matis fall back into their shortcomings and harm a rapprochement that you wanted and that by this attitude starts very badly. It goes without saying that if the Scarlet Mercenaries ask for compensation from the kingdom for the wrongs suffered, they will be able to count on our testimonies and I hope on your support Nair-Governor.

I don't know what would have happened to the tribal chieftain if the bark shaking hadn't caused a nice mess. The homini then went in all directions to look for the cause of his tremors. The reason why I took the responsibility of writing you Nair-Governor, is that in this turmoil we lost the trace of Nair-Pazzy O'Toogh. I hope that nothing happened to her and that she was able to return home with her cargo. I especially hope, given the trade that linked her to the Scarlet Mercenaries, that she has not been kidnapped by the Matis to make her talk and that she is not at this moment atrociously tortured [Eolinius insisted by pressing the word atrociously] by sadistic Amazons in the sinister jails of the kingdom.

Cis joined a few Nexus lucios where huge cavities have appeared, and that was worth a few hours to get out.

Ambassadeur Tryker
Taliar suppléant
Officier supérieur
Bai Nhori Drakani

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L'Écorce avait tremblé.
Sur le moment, l'effet avait été à la fois terrifiant et grotesque. Terrifiant par grondement sourd, par son occurrence inédite, par sa puissance ressentie sur toutes les régions des Nouvelles Terres. Et grotesque, parce que lors des secousses nous perdions momentanément le contrôle, et la masse d'homins que nous étions se retrouvait ballottée en tous sens comme des dappers dans la bourse d'un tryker fugitif du Bosquet Vierge.

Puis vient la curiosité : loin de nous faire fuir, nous convergeâmes vers l'épicentre de ce Phénomène, au Nexus. Les groupes d'homins se rassemblèrent sur la colline Fin de la Destinée - ce que je ressenti sur le moment comme un mauvais présage. Les scientifiques avaient fait le voyage et semblaient tous excités, ils promirent chacun la mise en place de camps d'étude dans les jours suivants.

Mais sans plus attendre, nous nous dispersâmes en petits groupes, à la redécouverte de cette région, et plus particulièrement la partie Ouest, qui semblait concentrer les bouleversements, en la nature d'une série de failles, souvent tapissées d'une nappe d'eau, ou de collines abruptes flaquant des trous profonds.

Outre le relief torturé, nous remarquâmes quelques anomalies végétales. Tout d'abord la profusion de racines Crolices, certes déjà présentes au Nexus, mais que les déchirements de l'écorce avaient davantage révélées - à moins que ce ne soit l'inverse ?
Mais ce n'était pas tout, car aux abords de ces mutations de l'écorce, se trouvaient des plantes qui ne sont pas endémiques de la forêt. Il y avait surtout des plantes de la Jungle : Alao, Varaj et Jayazeng. Mais aussi quelques jeunes pousses de Taleng et j'ai même vu un petit Batao. Bien sûr on trouve communément tout cela dans les parties basses de la forêt, mais jamais au Nexus ! Plus étrange encore, on rencontre de nombreux Trumperer des lacs de toutes tailles, et de petits Olansi.

Les anomalies n'ont certainement pas fini d'être découvertes. Alors que j'avais fait le voyage pour revenir sur les lieux avec une monture, Je croisais Shepeng courant pioche en main et me rapportant qu'elle avait découvert des sources de matières suprême de la Jungle, et ceci pourtant loin des mutations de l'écorce.

C'est au sommet d'un éperon nouvellement formé que je fus frappée par la coïncidence entre le spectacle du paysage et le nom prophétique du lieu : La Colline Martelée.

Le doute et la crainte qui avaient pu naître en moi s'envolèrent avec la nuée de volatiles roses qui passaient en contrebas.
Non, ce n'était pas le fait de Kitins remontant des profondeurs pour nous exterminer. Je ne crois pas non plus que cela soit le fait du Dragon de la Légende qui aurait achevé son long sommeil, comme cela a pu l'être clamé.

Car il m’apparaît évident que seul un dessein de la Déesse est en mesure de préméditer un paysage d'une telle beauté.

Zendae l'Amazone,
Carnet d'observations au Nexus,
Été du 2eme CA 2608

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Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Fauve, ocre, vermeil, les couleurs de l'automne ont toujours annoncé le début de la fin d'un cycle. Fin qui sera bientôt marquée par une phase de repos végétal, tandis que l'écorce se parera d'un manteau blanc.
Alors... pourquoi ces specimens d'Olash et de Savaniel se sont mis à pousser dans le creux de deux des nouvelles failles ? Quel mystère se tapie derrière ce phénomène absurde ?
Au pied de cette flore, des sources de matières premières se dessinent à fleur d'écorce, impossible de les manquer. Des ressources suprêmes du désert de qualité plutôt faible, mais... suprêmes.
Dans chacune des deux failles, on trouve à l'entrée un puit rempli d'eau et de sciure. Mais de cette eau émane une chaleur provoquant des fumées blanches et noires, tandis que des flamèches dansent dans leurs volutes au ras de la surface liquide.
Tout ceci n'était pas visible juste après le séisme j'en suis certaine. Il est vrai que le désert était l'élément qui manquait encore au tableau du "nouveau Nexus" jusque là. Mais cette poussée là maintenant me parait contre-nature, tout comme cette eau qui brûle. Ces observations me pincent le coeur, car j'appréhende d'avoir eu tord : et si le Dragon y était vraiment pour quelque chose ?

Zendae l'Amazone,
Carnet d'observations au Nexus,
Automne du 2eme CA 2608


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

#9 [fr] 

Finalement les plantes du désert ont disparues avec l'hiver, ainsi que toute trace des sources de matières suprêmes qui abondaient dans ces failles, et de même pour les fumées et flamèches émisent par les puits.

Cependant, on trouve d'autre source affleurantes aux abords d'autres failles. Et cette fois-ci des sources affilées aux Lacs. Précisément aux abords des deux lieux où poussent déjà des plantes lacustres...

Au lieu avec le puit le plus profond, j'ai noté la présence d'une nappe d'eau tout au fond, ainsi que des émanations bleutées. Je me souviens encore du jour de la découverte des mutations, où nous étions tout un groupe d'homins alignés au bord du gouffre, lequel bardé d'appendices de crolices, me faisait penser à la bouche béante et pleine de dents d'un colossal tyrancha. Mais cette nappe d'eau n'était pas visible ce jour là, je pourrais le jurer sur Vae.

Les phénomènes évoluent, et vont demander une observation régulière pour les comprendre.

Zendae l'amazone
Carnet d'observations au Nexus
hiver du 2eme CA 2608

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Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Eolinius had been away from the Nexus for several days, spending his days in the Federal Library in Fairhaven. He came back one more day and decided to finally find something concrete to exhibit. He said to himself:

- Collecting data in the field is all well and good, but you have to find time at some point to analyze it or it's useless. The greatest discoveries have been made at the back of a laboratory or in the corners of a library.

When he entered the room of maps and archives of explorations, there were not many people and he was able to find his favourite place, that of the wooden desk near the large porthole. He made himself comfortable and unfolded the maps he had retrieved. He laid out the map of the known nexus and the map of the elusive forest from which one descended through the western vortex, guided by an intuition that he wanted to clarify. He circled each of the vortex on the maps, wrote down the coordinates and tried to superimpose the two maps.

Nodding his head, he took up the map of the Shadow Route and circled in red the contours of the Kitins' Lair Underwood Woe, which he transferred with these coordinates to the map of the nexus and then consulted his notebook. He also reported the coordinates of the lucio of the gaping hole that he had taken during his first expedition. After a while he moved back and leaned on the back of his chair, blowing. He thought for long minutes about the consequences of his discovery.

The area of the nexus most impacted by the changes in terrain was located just above the Kitins' Lair Underwood Woe ! And even more disturbing, the large gaping hole from which a nauseating odor escaped without being able to see the bottom was ....

... was probably according to the coordinates a well that gave directly to the southeast in KITINS'LAIR itself!

Translated with

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Nair @Eolinius: Congratulations on this clever idea ! However, after reading you, Nair, I wondered if we could generalize your idea and apply it to other regions of the New Earth.

I tried then to apply this technique to the set { Burning Desert, Under Springs, Witherings} and unfortunately, it fails in this case, if we keep the scales and the shape of the maps; impossible to superimpose even two of the three vortexes without leading to irremediable inconsistencies...

What can we conclude from this? difficult to say... passages through vortices can and even must often hide long distances, both on the surface of the bark and at altitude. And, to my knowledge, homins have no instruments to measure the latter ...

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