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I was re-reading older forum posts, and I stumbled on this offhand remark about a different game: "there, you can reach max level in one day". Which got me thinking, how fast could one reach max level in one skill in Ryzom?

To simplify, I will state my own assumptions, and then go from there:
  • Healing is taken for granted, since this is just an exercise. Think the person has an alt, so after level 125 they won't need to stay teamed (and nerf).
  • Items are taken for granted. Let's say the player gets (instant) access to item upgrades every 50 levels at least.
  • The amount of trekking is up to you to decide. Since at level 1 you only have access to 1 continent, you have to balance the time spent walking to new continents with the time you can use to grind.
  • Sap crystals are also an unlimited supply.
  • Money is also unlimited. You get to buy teleport pacts in each region you visit.
  • Death and trekking again to the grinding spot is not factored in.
So, there. Given a completely ideal setting, what is your estimation? ☺

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Having said that, I will add my own estimation.

First off, you have to choose what to master. To me, the most obvious answer is "elemental magic", for two good reasons:

- Your spell level increases and you can increase your magic output with crystallyzed spells

- Ele magic gives the most damage output in a controlled setting, like grinding

Levels 1-25:
Silan. You buy the q15 and then the q30 amplifiers that people receive as rewards from the mage missions. They are often on resale for ridiculously low prices. Kill yubos (lvl 5), slavenis (16?), cratchas (30?).

Theoretically you could leave Silan even earlier, but a few levels give you a tiny bit of survivability.

Levels 25-90:
Desert continent (Pyr + Oflovak's)

There is a shooki spawn at the Fourways, with Minor and Budding ones (37+50). Then you can progress to the nearby spawn containing Robust Shooki and Blooming Shooki (60+74). Once level 65 or so, you can progress to the Oflovak/FT border, where on the cliff you find Dehydrated and Famished plants (85+97).

Time estimate: a player knowing what they're doing should be level 100 in 2-3 hours, including the time to travel from spawn to spawn, and to periodically return to Pyr for spell upgrades.

Levels 90-125
Jungle continent

I believe a trek to the jungle is unavoidable, but easily doable even at level 90. With full gear and aura upgrades, one can simply ignore any aggro on the Great Outback ramp, and then travel safely to Zora. I would carve out at most one hour.

Then, in the north of Haven of Purity, one can find the next three sets of enemies:  Parched, Stalking and Rooting psykoplas (107, 117, 127). These will be quite good to get past level 100 in elemental, at which point one gets the upgrade to double spells and moves on.

Near the kami tp in Knot of Dementia: there are Vile psykos (149), Unpredictable (159) and even Prickly (168).

(to be continued..)


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You need to also take a look in lake for lvl ~50-110, it's pretty fast to pex there with the stinga spot and easy to travel (dew drops into wind of muse into resting water (kamis tp) into Fount). And then trek to jungle Grove to umbra pex there till lvl 155/160 and then void. You might also wants to trek to grove of confusion or loria for last 15-10 lvl (hornchers vs jugula that are faster pex spot than GK or GJ for the end).

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The fastest is obviously to run your own server and issue
/a setSkillsToMaxValue



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I am more of a 'stop and smell the roses " kinda player and spend a good ampount of time thinking how "not to finish" the game.   But being an engineer by profession and math geek by character defect, I'm always looking for effiiencies.  I have wathced a player go from 1 to 100 in a weekend w/o much effort.

To reach that goal ... 1st thing I woud do was get the heck of Silan ... at the point you stop getting 2k XP, it's time to move on

I'd say that f ypu can maintain that 2k XP per kill, you are going to need about 10,000 kills to get ya master (19,739,195 XP)

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Hi i was looking for a way to get lvl up quickly.

Thanks for doing the job for me :D

Training your looting chance at dice with https://www.wuerfelonline.de

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Very nice post!!!

I translated it to French, on

traduit en francais à

https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Conseils_pour_jeunes_r%C3%A9fugi%C 3%A9s/Entra%C3%AEnement#Conseils_sur_les_zones_et_mobs


Mon profil sur le wiki Francais https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Utilisatrice:Craftjenn

Craftjenn, Ranger

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long long time ago since i played or did lvling.

I did all melee years ago most solo without a heal alt (but not all I had an alt sometimes and even once in a while a friend)

Normally I would do plants like ppl have said before then in the end move to horncers in loria and/or kinchers in void.

Use enchants when you can I remember my fastest skill I ever lvled (in my mind it took me just couple of days but will have been longer with all the slacking) was staves by kind of cheating with this bad boyps. this was a merge pressie so not cheating but yeah the sap load on this bad boy meant I hit a horncer, kincher once then run and enchant to death in no time. My exact setup I forgot but yeah this thing got me trough mastering it verry quickly


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