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FYI, the wikis are adminstrate by players - not by the Team. If I answer using my email, I will give my personnal email (I don't want you to know my IRL name or email, we don't have any email with ryzom.com)...

There is 6 wikis... I just see an account request - but I can't find the user Rikkoaaron.

And he forgot to add a single sentence - we use it to discover the user language (FR, DE, EN, SE or RU - and where we will create the profile, on one of the 5 wikis)...

Therefore I will cancel this request :(


More on how create an wiki account (to read out of the game):


 To ask for help : https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/pj-ryzom_wiki


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Mon profil sur le wiki Francais https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Utilisatrice:Craftjenn

Craftjenn, Ranger

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we received a request, with no text

the user don't exists on RC - is it a for ad ? LOL
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