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After a hack on the Ryzom servers caused by a Pishing Mail, serious information has been published.

This can be read at https://www.atysleaks.org !

A excerpt:
  • Due to the uselessness of Dapper in the game, this currency will be removed in the near future!
  • Mektoub animals for item storage will charge 1 Elyps for each transaction from your own pocket to the Mektoub's pocket and vice versa.
  • With the next patch, all Kitin creatures will be able to be eliminated without respawn. Thus the threat to the Kitin will be extinguishable.
  • If a homin dies and is not healed, he shall not be allowed to log in for 1 day, i.e. 24 hours. During this 24h the body will be open for everyone to see and to loot.
  • There will no longer be a PVP tag, but PVP and PVE at the same time, everywhere. Furthermore, a new mode will be introduced: PVD (Player versus Developer), which has the goal to let bored developers join the game and adjust the difficulty level live as they desire.
  • Toilets have now been designed for each race and will be patched soon. Furthermore, two new values are added besides Life, Sap, Stamina and Focus: urination and defecation. These two values fill up after a while and at the maximum you die. You will then not be able to log in for 24 hours.
  • It will also be possible to win diapers on the Gubani Wheel to counteract the urination and defecation!

I am aware that this will be deleted very quickly. So copy it. The changes are planned and should definitely be prevented!


Nicht klicken!

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Delete this now!


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The ryzom team informs you that the player behind Heernis has been deleted according to the rules. Please forget what you have read and refrain from talking about it. Yours sincerely.

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Terrible news! My husband, who was known as Heernis, has disappeared without a trace. I looked away for a moment and suddenly he was gone. :-(

When I read the message here from Eradicus hominus, I am 100% sure that the Ryzom team is the reason!

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Forge will hold a meeting to decide on when to hold a meeting to deal with the translation of the meeting they'll plan in the following meeting to deal with the planning of how they'll handle this issue.

(I have this from a good source.)



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I'm a bit busy as you can see.


Nicht klicken!

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Mon profil sur le wiki Francais https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Utilisatrice:Craftjenn

Craftjenn, Ranger

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Ahah ! Funny :)

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I got forwarded this in April ... thot it was an April Fool's thing
  • The new bosses will gradually replace those in place.
  • The new bosses won’t directly pop on Atys anymore.
  • Instead, an element of the scenery will pop randomly.
  • The player will verify by this element if the boss has popped or not.
  • When the boss is up, the player could teleport to a Powo where the boss can be found (but not only the boss).
  • The team mates of the first player which teleport, will also be allowed to teleport into the Powo, but not the other players.
  • The team will have a limited time to kill the boss.
  • The new bosses will have their own and more fun mechanisms.


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*Naema takes a quick pee and goes and locks the door and hides in the closet*

'Nobody can come in my apt. unless I invite them right?....

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*opens apt door*
*sees a stranger taking a pee*

wait a moment.... damn bugs! err I mean kitins!


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