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this is the second time i use the portal from wom to loria and got stuck in the wall at loria side.
Caan't move, can't teleport out, can't do anything.
Only solution is if someone duel me and kill me, so i can respawn somewhere.

This is the second time happened so i think it's time devs know about this problem.


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I have created task #10131 for this, however I am unable to reproduce the problem. I have successfully passed the portal 100 times in both ways.

Were you with your mount or packer(s)?

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first of all thank you for your reply.

I never got this problem in the past, and i am a very old player.

I was always without any animal following me.
Only difference is that i have a delivery package in my bag, because i do that trip always to finish the tryker delivery missions, that lasts in Loria.
The problem only appeared using the vortex from Winds of Muse to Lagoons of Loria.
I got a couple of successful ports in between the two failed one. So, it's not every time.

It seems it's a location problem, because i am very close the left side of the wall inside the small tunnel with the vortex, i can say at bery angle of the wall with the surface.

The avatar can interact with others and the animation of running or walking works, but without any real effect.
I cannot teleport because the system tells me "teleportation interrupted" without telling why.

Actually, i'm not using the portal, because if there is no people willing to help me, i remain unable to play. Last time there was a lowbie that risked a trip in WoM to help me, while all other people were just too busy, i suppose.

If there are csr/devs that wanna do some test, let me know and i will do.

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True is that in some cases you appear very close to a wall.

Did anyone else experienced similar problem there?

I saw there will be a battle on nearby OP so maybe more homins will use that portal soon :)
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