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Hello homins,

after many years of absence i wanted to look back at the beautiful Atys, so i payed 1 month with paypal.
First try i asked to change the password and then i received a new one via email. That's ok.
With the new password i can log into my account profile and even in my webig. In fact I'm here posting without problems, but still the client don't wanna accept my credentials and always answer invalid username or password.
Consider i'm launching my original client, dated 2012.
I was ingame during the second swarming and the new merge, so i'm sure my character should be here.
Webig seems showing me correct information for skills, but maybe something is lost (for sure explorations is not correct, because since 2004 i visited every pixel of Atys, but nevermind, it's not important. I just wanna login again.

What can i do?


Silvae Custodes

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Hallo and welcome back.

I am afraid that a 2012 client will not work. Please download the Ryzom installer from the website and install new version of your client. Let us know if it works afterwards.

I am not sure what is the state of your account and if you have any character restored already, probably yes. In case of torubles with that please consult the support -

In case you have a valid Atys character and password, you can use Ryzom Chat to get more interactive help than on forum. However feel free to continue this thread :)

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Thank you very much, i downloaded and reinstalled the client. It worked and actually i'm in Liberty Lake trying to find where are my packers :D

Seems all my stuff is still here, even the Guild.

Can't believe i'm in Atys. Now i have just to figure out how all my skills work!

Thank you.

NB: All my characters are here :)

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Silvae Custodes

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The Wiki team did some significant work in past months so maybe you will find some answers there. Especially about new additions.

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Welcome back :)

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It worked and actually i'm in Liberty Lake trying to find where are my packers :D

The locations of your packers are indicated on the map by a house symbol. For an example see here.


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Problem Solved / Problème Résolu

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